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hi everyone..i failed the ati comprehensive form a and im taking form b in a couple weeks..wondering if anyone has any advise or notes that would help me with form b..please let me know or email me ... Read More

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    Did your programs not give you access to the entire ATI program with non proctored tests? If so you need to take every one of them again, I found the ATI material repetitive. Before I took the predictors I took the non proctored for each subject and I always did very well.

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    Quote from scrunchy17
    What worked for me was doing the practice exams. I would answer each question, and then I would read and think about the rationales for every right and wrong answer. I also took notes on the information in the rationales that I was unfamiliar with. On some of the ATIs I also retook the practice exam again with a study buddy and we would discuss our reasons for why we were picking our answer before clicking on the answer. I passed every ATI at level 2 or 3 and rarely reads the books. I never watched the DVDs either.

    could someone please tell me how many levels are there?? what do these mean?? is 3 the highest level?
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    I think 3 is the highest level...and the lowest is below level 1. Usually schools want you to get a level 2 or higher depending where you go.
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    I just thought this over, and we should not share this kind of information, since would put you ahead of others, we have to be prepared for whatever comes, havent we gone to school for this? So we should know this stuff!

    I know that at this time none of us have as much time to study as we want to, but it is just not right IMHO
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    guys... this test is so easy... I just took it yesterday, and got a 78 (on the 96-97 percentile to pass the NCLEX first time)

    don't worry about it... I thought it was going to be hard, but it was not! We do know more than we think!!!
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    Quote from helpingothersinlife
    I am on my last semester, and we have to take all the proctored ATI's again, forms A and B and, in order to take the proctored we have to show proof of competence, which is at least 80 on the practice tests.

    we have to do all of that, plus proof of 3000 nclex style questions, and then we have the comprehensive, were we have 2 practice ones, and then we have the proctored (all on the end of next month) where we have to get 80 and if we dont get an 80 at the proctored predictor we cant graduate!!!

    bah! i am not fond of ATI specially mental health, but i passed all of them with level 2 and 3's
    That is really nuts! An 80 on the comprehensive is a 99 % predictor of pass. I think that many students are just not going to be able to do that. But why would your school require a 99% predictor of pass to graduate? That makes no sense.
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    i suggest doing every single one of the practice ones.... the non-proctored ones.... even the focused assessments... until you get 100%. Then, once you've gotten 100% go back through and read each question... look at the rationale for each answer - you'd be amazed at what you can learn from those things. In my experience, when i've done this on ATI.... the proctored exam had different questions but the SAME RATIONALE as one of the practice questions. I've passed every one of my ATI's with level 3 on the first time, except for one I got level 2. And that's what I did every time. So this is my plan for the comprehensive predictor too! Good luck!
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    Agreed, do all the practice ATI tests, if you have a code for it, do it. The more you do it the more "freebies" you start coming across because you see that question you always get it wrong. And yes there are repeats of previous ATI questions, not word for word, but dead giveaways you really seen before.

    There's no obvious ways to study for this thing really, it's either you're used to ATI or you're not at this point in the game and how well your overall education has taught you, well unless someone gave you their reviews.

    My only real advice is to not focus so much on med/surge (so much) unless you really know some topics you are weak at. Take the 3.0 Med/Surge test ( ... this code is given to you after the ATI review from the ATI people ...) which can help you on that. both A and B were pretty broad in terms of the types of questions
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    Quote from LBJ202
    That is really nuts! An 80 on the comprehensive is a 99 % predictor of pass. I think that many students are just not going to be able to do that. But why would your school require a 99% predictor of pass to graduate? That makes no sense.

    Hi there, just an update, we did have to score only 67.8 (85percentile) even though a few of us had a hard time with it

    although I scored 77 (97 percentile) I do not feel ready for the Big Kahuna just yet...

    to be honest this was the EASIEST ATI ever!!! 100X easier than mental health!
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    Quote from helpingothersinlife
    this week we are having our focused live ATI review, and its from 9 am to 4 pm 3 days in a row!!! and we are getting the 3.0 assessment codes! wich we were told to be hard!

    does anyone have feedback on 3.0?
    what does 3.0 mean? we've been doing and talking about ATI all year, and that's the first time i've heard a number like that...... ??
    we got our codes in the fall - still using them up until now, so are those the newest ones? my school is pretty up on things, and we're always trying out new stuff so I would hope they aren't old versions.

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