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And feel like your just so over it you could quit tomorrow?!? I need people to commiserate with. I have gone full steam ahead this whole time and now that we are 2 months from graduation, the... Read More

  1. by   jtboy29
    I think it's personally normal to feel like that. When I was one month away from taking my EXIT HESI and graduating I was nervous as heck. I didn't know what to think because being my 2nd time around in the Final Term got me thinking "I'm really this close I can do this". You're near the end of your nursing school career and you are wanting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's there that's for sure.
  2. by   MaryFutureRN
    2 months away from graduation. Just one more clinical shift left and grading period and they're letting us go. Now we're just finishing some clearance requirements and we're almost good to go. I don't really feel like it's too long blah blah. I still have a year to go for review alone for the nursing licensure exam, so I guess this is just another year of study. Time is ticking unbelievably fast and it is making me anxious
    The unknown after graduation is still unknown to me.
  3. by   SaltySarcasticSally
    Well I now have 29 days left! I start my final role transition in the ER tomorrow so that has gotten me back on track some because I am excited to see what all the ER is about. Final exam is Tuesday, like pulling teeth to sit down and study though. We are all almost there. I bought my cap and tassel yesterday, that felt pretty good
  4. by   LovelyLocs
    Yeah, I am burnt out! Our final is in early May and time is moving A whole slew of assignments and tests are due every week in April, then our final, then it is off to the NCLEX! I was just (conditionally) accepted to my first choice RN to BSN program so that is one weight off of my shoulders . I need to CLEP college algebra so I can take statistics in the fall, so studying for that and the NCLEX are on my schedule for May and June.

    Whew, now I'm off to study!

    Stay awesome everyone!
  5. by   Purple_roses
    Is anyone else here having NCLEX nightmares? I've been having at least one nightmare every week.