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  1. MaryFutureRN

    Does anyone else get really nervous before a shift?

    I feel the same way! Pretty much the same way
  2. MaryFutureRN

    Any Mormon/LDS nurses here? I need help?

    Also thanks a lot for all the responses. I wish people didn't argue with each other often tho :/ I cant reply to each and everyone of you. Coincidentally, my manager gave me a couple of weekends night and off even though I never spoke to him about this. I'll enjoy that one for this month :) Thanks a lot and God bless to AN and all our nurses :)
  3. MaryFutureRN

    Any Mormon/LDS nurses here? I need help?

    Thank you so much. It is what happened to me this month of my schedule! I didnt ask or tell my manager anything about this (I never requested a thing or two from him) but surprisingly, I got about two Sundays off and night weekends this month of June. Of course, this may change and vary over the next couple of months and I am very accepting of that, but hey at least I have some free Sundays this June!
  4. I'll be taking the exam in 2 months and I've been studying for the past 3 months. I'm diligent studying each day with my reviewer and answering at least 100 questions on most days of the week. I use Saunder's and another reviewer for the test questions. I'm not very hardcore on answering questions each day since I'm still reading and brushing up on some concepts in MS (and finishing MS subject too) before going full-blown in test questionnaires. I have answered about 3000 + questions until now since the last 3 months. I have also attended review classes for a month. Now, after getting a brush-up of all the concepts I'm weak about and answering the reviewer questions, I figured I am not meeting the standard level of achievement this reviewer has set on me. (For example: Out of 85 questions, I need about 64 correct in order to meet this standard level of achievement, but I manage to get lower like 60 or 58 ...) Is it just me? I'm getting a bit worried though. Also, my review plan consists of studying a chapter a day from the reviewer (the condensed modules) or two days for a loooong chapter and then answering about 50 questions everytime I finish a chapter. Also, there are days when I answer 100-200 questions just for straight 3-4 hours while studying the rationales and feedback on my wrong answers. Am I doing it right? My exam will be on November by the way. Thanks? And I hope I can get feedback and tips. Should I worry too much about lower scores?
  5. I'll be practicing in the Philippines. Not much of Psych nurses here, although they accept new grads from a mental health facility (working in the gov't). I think I'll still give it a try!
  6. Thank you so much! My professors have been teaching us to go to MS wards first before moving on to a specialty. Been feeling troubled about this since I never liked working in MS (although crit care was so cool).
  7. Thank you! I'm already done with my BSN and just awaiting the licensure exam! >. I'll send in an application to our national mental health facility here after passing. I just don't think I'll enjoy MS.
  8. MaryFutureRN

    HOW do people do well in Anatomy & P?

    Anatomy and Physiology is memorization, unfortunately. But don't focus on memorization.. focus on understanding. Be interested (and amazed ) with what you're learning. When you're interested, you understand better. And when you understand, you retain the facts, parts, etc. I suggest writing down words and little notes in a small notebook that you can carry around everywhere. Or maybe put little notes of anatomy stuff as your ipad wallpaper, laptop wallpaper etc. so you can see them everywhere and always retain. (I know this can't be done all the time, but it helps sometimes.) Or when you memorize the names of the muscles or bones, associate the names with another object/word/event/memory so you don't forget. Mnemonics help too. You won't remember everything in A&P after graduating from the class, but when your interest is intact, it wouldn't be too hard to memorize!
  9. MaryFutureRN

    Any tips for a new nursing student?

    Hi, going on my 3rd year BSN program now. What I learned though in nursing school is not only working hard, but working smart. The lecture classes are always bulky in material and always you will have a bulky amount of information to learn. But don't fret, because all you need to do is focus on what the lecturer discussed since they are the most important info you must learn. Quizzes and exams are tricky because they don't focus on rote memorization; you need a lot of common sense (sometimes we forget that we have this, don't we lol) and some analyzing to do. Clinical instructors will be harsh to you, but not all of them. I've met wonderful clinical instructors who teach, correct, and act nice to you, and I've also met CI's who are well...you know what I mean. If you've received a criticism, it's inevitable not to take it personally, but move on and don't do the same mistake again. Hydrate and eat before you go on clinicals. Doing your 6 or 8-hour duty/clinicals in the Delivery Room without food or drink is pure torment (that applies to all clinical setting) What else? Hmm. Don't worry you'll still have your free time! It depends on how you manage your time. I have my free time still, and there are days that I don't, but you'll have at least a day or two in a week for a break :) Nursing school is tough, but think of it it will only last for 2-4 years. Have fun and I hope we all become nurses in the future.
  10. MaryFutureRN

    Nursing school is killing me

    Hi everyone, I know this response is sooo late but I really thank you for helping me out. Reading all your responses comforted me and helped me alot. I feel the love and concern. The semester has just ended and I am so glad my grades are still consistently good and my instructors have not failed me or anything. I hope to be able to maintain this. I was stressed and all, but I'm really glad I was able to surpass allthose troubles. There's more for me out there, more challenges, so I'm bracing up with all your lovely help. I will graduate and I'll be an awesome nurse someday. Thanks a lot!!!!!!