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Applied for a NAP position

  1. 0 I am in 4th semester (almost done, YAY!) and applied for a NAP position at one of the local hospitals Actually, a bunch of us did. Anyway, we all got called back and told they are looking for 1st/2nd semester students! Weird because mostly all they can do is CNA type work. I was looking forward to hopefully working as a NAP and getting some more experience. Kinda sucks!
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    That's kind of bizarre. Maybe they know you'll only be working as an NAP for a short period of time so they don't want to invest money into training?

    That's a bummer, though. Is there anywhere else you can apply?
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    I had thought that, but then the lady said to apply for the new grad positions in May!? I dunno.

    And this was the only place that had NAP positions open.
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    I have to ask....what is NAP position.
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    It's a nurse apprentice!
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    Interesting. Never heard of this.
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    Quote from Esme12
    I have to ask....what is NAP position.
    NAP position = sleeping on the job. ROFL!

    JUST KIDDING - I didn't know either.

    I just hate abbreviations that are local to only a few.

    I was thinking Non-Assistive-Personnel at first.
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    See this is why The Joint Commission has that "stupid" no abbreviations policy.
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    Nursing assistant personnel

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