Anyone ever felt this way starting out ..

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    I was estatic when I found out that I would be starting nursing school in the fall. I've dreamed about it for as long as I can remember. Now that I am about to embark on this new journey I am terrified. I'm not scared of the work as I have worked as a nursing assistant before and I work in a hospital intensive care unit. I am so scared that I am not going to make it through school. It has taken me what seems an eternity to get to this point. I know that I am going to work hard and give it my everything. I'm ready to leave my social life behind as I still have to work as well. I have prepared lots of people to get used to not seeing me as much. What I am really scared of is that I'm not smart enough ..I was always better with hands on things, with books I get by but always worked extra hard. I'm a visual learner as well ..I know nursing is a lot of critical thinking and I'm good at it given the real life situation but not on tests or in school...I just keep hearing such negative things about school and everyone failing out. I'm 26 I need to make it this time around and I'm terrified of failure! I guess what I really need to do is vent and see if anyone has any advice for a new student like me that feels this way :uhoh21: I appreciate whoever takes the time to read this or can offer any advice !!
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    Congrats on getting in! I felt the exact same way before I started nursing school...and then every semester until it was over! Nursing school is hard, there's just no other way to put it. Keep your chin up, and study, study, study! My advice to you is to try to read your lecture information prior to going to lecture. After lecture, try to go over your notes before the end of the day (you'll be amazed at how much you don't remember from lecture!). If you don't understand something, ask, or better yet, look it up. I used my textbooks (especially the on-line resources that come with them), google and youtube more than I ever thought I would. Sometimes you'll do better than you expected, sometimes you'll question if it's worth putting yourself through it. Write out inspirational quotes to take a look at during the latter, and make sure you have a good support system.

    Best of luck to you!
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    It's a pretty large boat because we are in the same one. I'm also 26, a visual learner, I've been working on actually getting in for so long that now I'm nervous about not making it out. We need to put all of that negativity out of our heads.

    In A&P whenever there was a concept I couldn't quite grasp I watched YouTube video about it. I think that will help. We've just got to study and stay on top of the material.

    We're going to rock this!
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    Thank you!!!!! ..I have a friend I had in AP2 we have all the same classes ..I'm working on the support system because I know we will need each other. I just can't help my nerves. I guess I want it that bad its driving me crazy and I know a few people who failed out, had to wait a year, and start all over again. I just don't want to be one of them. It haunts me. I know I have all the power but I almost feel like I don't from all the stories you hear.
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    If I didn't know better I would have thought I wrote this post myself. To say that I know EXACTLY how you feel is an understatement! the thought of wanting something so bad and the idea of failing is overwhelming, just know that I get what you are feeling, thinking and obsessing over and you are NOT the only one.
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    I think than maybe what we need to do is just start already! I don't like to wish away my time but it is driving me crazy. I'm not happy other people are feeling this way but I am glad that I am not the only one. I hope this is a good thing and if we want it this bad it will happen!!
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    I am about to start this Fall as Well! I can definitely relate to how you feel! I am finally considered a nursing student now, after many ppl have been asking when I will finish when I'm finally getting started. I think we all should set our worries aside and believe in ourselves, never go into something thinking you will fail. Study hard,stay enthusiastic, and take care of your health because I know it will be so very much worth it!
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    Congrats on getting in!!!!! I can relate, I have been working on my pre reqs for a bit and still am not at the point of applying yet, but i get nervous thinking about it!! But you did your coursework and got accepted, and that's huge! Keep on working hard! Make a study group, ask questions, visually try to learn the concepts, or whatever you feel helps. Everyone learns differently jutting finding your right way if studying will help. You will be great!!! Yay!!
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    I am the exact same way! I am 29 and starting NS in the Fall. I have been working for what feels like forever to get to this place! I have had to borrow money from my parents (which I hate doing) and my Husband has agreed to work to support our family while I'm in school. Now that I'm about to start I feel like there is a huge weight on my shoulder to do well, not only for myself, but for all the people in my life who are sacrificing for me to pursure a career I'm passionate about. It's so hard not to worry but you must trust that God has a plan for you and you can either STOP worrying yourself to death and trust in Him or try to take control of things and let the stress toake advantage of you and affect your ability to do your best in NS! Just breath! We will all do great!
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    I"m 37 and I start my second year of NS this fall. Don't be scared it is a lot of hard work and studying but it can be done. Good luck to all of you. You can do it

    PS. Buy your fundamentals book and read it before the class starts it will help a lot for your first semester jitters.
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