Any web sites to purchase instead of rent e-textbooks? - page 3

All I seem to find are rentals, and renting them for the duration I need the books will end up costing me more than less in the long run. I guess I can do it, but we were told these books would... Read More

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    I agree with stephalump! A rolling backpack is the way to go in your situation. E-books are good for reading, but not for studying. There's a difference in my opinion. I got the e-book and the hard copy for my pharm book, and I thought I would be using the e-book more, but it has been the other way around. The rolling backpack has been a lifesaver for me. I can take all my books and study guides to school and whenever I need them I can find them in my backpack. With the iPad you have to pay a fortune to get Internet access and not all the books are available in e-book format.

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    I use knetbooks and bookbyte

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