Any Ideas for increased energy for getting through school? - page 2

We all know just how demanding going to school can be. What are some things you have done to help increase your physical energy and mental stamina? How do you stay awake at night to study? My... Read More

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    I agree with RN-PA that "Weight Watchers" is a pretty good program. I have never joined it but many of my co-workers formed a support group and joined and my mother also joined it on her own and did the "Point System". She let me look at how the point system works and it is easy to follow, nutritious, and I have known many people who went on it and lost weight and kept it off.

    It really opened my eyes as to how much fat even the littlest things can have and how bad they can be for you. If you plan out what you are going to eat for the day you can still fit in some high point foods like desserts, etc. so if you have a craving you can fit it in.

    Another Bonus is it gets you into the habit of eating good things and getting away from going after bad things.

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