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    Ok, I am taking anatomy right now. Instead of having a&p 1 and 2, we have one class that is anatomy and then a class that is physiology. From what I understand, anatomy is identifying parts of the body and physiology is learning the functions of those parts, right? I was just curious because we are going to be learning the whole anatomy book this semester but we are also learning functions of the different parts of the body too. I guess physiology will be going further in depth than the functions that we are learning now maybe. I was just wondering if any of you have taken anatomy and physiology as seperate classes and if they were really seperate or kind of combined as this anatomy seems to be. I feel like we are learning 2 semesters in this one and then physiology will be mostly review. I was just wondering what your thoughts were.

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    I've only taken A&P I and II and they both were anatomy and physiology combined. I've never heard of doing it any other way but maybe it will be better for you in the long run.

    Good Luck

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    Hi Kimberly,
    Wow, I've never heard of taking Anatomy & Physiology seperately. From what I'm learning they both complement each other. I don't really know the purpose of your school offering them seperately. Maybe you should speak to one of the professors or counselors to find out why.

    RN 2B from Jersey
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    Hey Kats,
    Took A&P together. The only ones I know that took them separately were studying Physical Therapy.

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    I also took A&P together. I LOVED A&P! It makes much more sense when taken together.
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    I took them separately and would definitely recomend this route if at all available. We were able to spend much more time in physiology class going over the fine details and biochemistry portions. Having never taken them together, I can't be a good judge, but I would think that cramming it all in to one class would make things a bit rushed.
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    Originally posted by kats
    Ok, I am taking anatomy right now. Instead of having a&p 1 and 2, we have one class that is anatomy and then a class that is physiology.

    My school did it the exact same way. We had one Anatomy class and then a Physiology class. I don't know if I prefer it that way because it's nice to talk about the function (physiology) of something WHILE you talk about the Anatomy(structure). Instead of learning what a bone looks like, but not learning cellularly what happens in the bone until Physiology class.
    I personally liked Anatomy best. It was actually fun dissecting the cat and the lab quizzes were awesome. Physiology was a waste of time at my school although with the right teacher, it could be a fascinating class. My teacher would leave during lab and we would have no help. I wonder if he still does that after the evaluation I gave him. Oh well, yes you were right about Anatomy and Physiology and what they mean.

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    Like I said, I am taking Anatomy now and physiology next semester or in the Fall. I haven't decided yet. It depends on if we stay here or transfer to San Diego. Anyways, it just seems weird that the class is called Anatomy but we are also learning the functions of everything we are studying. The teacher said we will be covering the whole book too so I am just not sure what we will be doing in Physiology if we seem to be covering both this semester. I think I will ask him tomorrow. Thanks for the input about your experiences.
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    hey kats, Im a second year student nurse and have only ever takin a&p seperately. I find it beneficial as it allows you to find out the norms for the body before you can find whats abnormal
    ...don't fret...
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    I had 2 semesters of A&P together. Personally, I liked it that way because it was somewhat easier to learn the structures when you could learn how it is functioning right along with it.....

    Duffy...not trying to be picky or anything, but when you mentioned finding about what's abnormal.....isn't that pathophysiology and not physiology? Anatomy and Physiology is all about norms, so I was just curious as to what you meant.

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