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Next semester I'm going to have to take A & P I and all the other nursing students are stressing out about it and upperclassmen nursing students say it was awful. I'm wondering if it's really that bad. What were your A & P... Read More

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    I am in A&P now and I love it. My teacher is referred to as "Dr. Death" on my campus because of the sheer number of people that drop out. We started out with a class of 50 and now there are probably 18 of us left. Yes, it is hard but the material is fascinating. It's unlike any class you have probably had before just because of the sheer amount of information covered. I saw above people saying don't highlight and don't use flash cards but these have worked for me. I have a 94 average in lab and lecture now. I do several things to understand and yes, memorize information. I pay close attention and take notes. I never miss a class. I utilize the mastering a&p website associated with my textbook nonstop. I rewrite my class notes and watch videos online to gain further understanding about whatever we are studying. My flashcards are not just word and definition. I make cards for specific questions on functions and processes. My classmates and I study together outside of class. When we had to memorize the bones, muscles and brain structures we took pictures in class of our models, printed them and labeled them. I made flip note cards on the bones and muscles and carried them with me wherever I went. We spent time in lab outside of regular class time working with the models. In other words i do everything and anything I can that works for me to understand and retain the information. I think the secret is finding what works for you. The people that have dropped out in my class are not necessarily the flashcard and highlighters but rather the people that came in thinking they could study for two hours a week and breeze by. If you get behind, it's almost impossible to catch up so stay on top of it and you will do fine!

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    I agree with some of the other commenters, high-lighters won't work for this class. You really need to dig into the concepts. I took A&P I and II with an amazing professor. She really knew her stuff and pushed us to know ours. I found Anatomy Revealed 3-D to be very helpful, as I'm a visual learner. I also used the CD's that came along with my anatomy book and scoured the web for videos that covered the subject matters to make them relevant.

    Seems that a big part of test taking for these types of courses, from what I'm learning, is what is the professor's expectation. Some seem to really want you to know what they present (in class and slide presentations), others go by the book. If you can get a handle on that, it would help tremendously. Once that is determined, make a strong study schedule, and also work with good classmates to do study guides. In my courses, I had a group of 4 and we took turns weekly preparing the study guides. As you can imagine, this was a tremendous time saver.

    A&P is high density, so if you can get a strong team together, you'll be fine. The class is actually very fascinating and a pleasure to learn.

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