Almost passed out during clinicals!! - page 5

I'm a second year nursing student, and am currently in my med surg rotation at clinicals. The hospital I'm in now is much more exciting and learning oriented than the previous hospital I had been in.... Read More

  1. by   BlueEyedGuy
    I love these stories!

    Our know-it-all, 'I know everything about OB, la-la-la, I am awesome' student reportedly passed our scrubbed into a c-section. All of our OB clinical instructors currently work on that unit too. I'm sure they all had a good laugh about that one.
  2. by   k-flo
    I almost passed out when I watched someone getting an IV during the end of my first semester, AN IV FOR GOD'S SAKE! idk what it was about the situation that made me feel that way, but after that I was fine. I love doing IVs now and I look for every opportunity to do them, and that lightheaded feeling I got that day never came back again (unless someone is trying to start an IV on ME, then for sure I'll pass out lol).
  3. by   kelsey.g
    OMG, me too! I nearly passed out in NS when I was assisting with ECT!!! I had to go sit in a chair and they gave me some crackers and sprite. hahahahah so embarrassing.