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Learned body of scholars, What is the use for psychosocial theory as it would concern Nursing students such as ourselves? I've posed questions before about this subject but felt the answers were equally as vague as the... Read More

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    A few days...........yeah, right. I think I've mastered the anatomy of the feline cardiovascular system so I have time before the practical tomorrow to respond. Yup, that will sure come in handy if I'm required to interpret a "cat scan" won't it? I'll take a break from my brooding over working during open labs and just "wing it" a little, besides I always have some life-or-death assignment to study for.

    You are all correct in interpreting my desire to learn only what will get me marks in clinicals. I'm fairly certain that the sounds of screaming, crying and fussing(and that is just the mothers!) will never charm me into a peds career. Psych patients, however do make me curiouse in a sort of "National Enquirer" sort of way. I just want to learn about the manifestations of thier pathologies. I'm curiouse about what bizzare behavior a human being with an intellect equal to my species can create as "normal". I certainly will care about them as I would care for any other patient but I really can't see it being as complicated as needing any kind of theory. It has always apeared to me to be a place you would do well in if you had good reflexes(to avoid being struck with bodily fluids and other objects) and did well to remember that what patients do or say may only be misinterpreted or reinterpreted but not taken at face value. I don't think I want to constantly determine my "fleeing distance" to the nurses station either. It does hold a bystander appeal though.

    I think what you are saying is that I would use psychosocial theory as a important part of accomplishing some aspect of student clinical work. That's really what I wanted to find out. I also think you are all saying that you applied psychosocial theory in an acute care setting in a clandestine manner while in the delivery of day to day duties but not as an actual overt function such as you would use ECG interpretation or knowledge of drug interactions and contraindications. The professional need for a skill of this type was another concern of mine.

    Knowing that it will be needed to function as a student on a peds rotation is really all I need to know. If I get the marks to show I've mastered the required material any use of it as a professional will naturaly follow that end. If it'll help me get through school then maybe I need some of it. You would never have known about it from the nurses I've ever worked with but then maybe they were just working with it internaly and never found a need to use it or relate it to me. If it will be used to do student coursework later then I really do need to study its' many catchphrases and its' application in student clinical nursing.



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