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What are your thoughts on getting your ACLS before you start looking for a job. I was thinking of doing it bc I thought it might look good on a resume, I don't plan on working with Peds so I was not... Read More

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    Many of my students take ACLS and PALS as students inexpensively through faculty or free through their workplace. I think it's fantastic IF you can take it for free or cheaply. Will you be prepared to lead a code after your first class? Of course not, just as you're not prepared to carry out any complex series of behaviors with only one exposure to them. Implying otherwise is like suggesting you can drive a semi truck after watching an 8-hour video and playing with a simulator. So what can taking a class offer you?
    A competitive edge at some facilities
    An early exposure to the information. Each time you see a code and take another class, you will learn even more.
    Some understanding of the role of the code team.
    Lessened fear when you are the nurse in the room when a patient codes. Ae you the code leader? No, but you are still valuable and will better understand what to do.
    I have been a hiring manager, and I applaud early initiative in those who understand that skills are developed over time.

    All that said, I would only take the course if it were free or relatively cheap.

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    If you just wait until you get a job you can often get ACLS, PALS, ABLS, and maybe even ATCN. Usually all you have to do is wait for the course to be offered and sign yourself up for it. You might want to bone up on rhythms first because part of ACLS depends on knowing how to interpret rhythms.

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