Accident in anatomy lab!

  1. This morning we were dissecting pig hearts. There was a lot of water or whatever is used to preserve the hearts in our dish. The instructor came over to look at what we have done and was opening the heart up and accidentally splashed some of the liquid out and a part of it (along with solid matter) went on my face! He said not to worry about it buti really don't think this guy is very big on lab safety and cleanliness. He doesn't make people clean or wear glasses, lab coats or anything! It was a tiny bit that was right by my mouth maybe a cm away. I ran to the bathroom and washed my face with soap and it was a bit red when I removed it. I also took a shower and washed like crazy when I got home an hour later. Has this happened to anyone? Did I do the right thing? Ugh it's so gross I want to dissect anymore bc of it. Also the chemicals freak me out!
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  3. by   ddunnrn
    There is very little chance of you getting sick from a tiny bit of preserved pig heart. Would you have felt the same way if you were cooking and a small piece of salami flew up and hit you near the mouth? Just wash it off and go about your business. The heart was most likely preserved in formaldehyde, which is toxic, but only if you have prolonged contact, or ingest it. The more you are exposed to "gross" stuff, the more you will be able to handle the truly bloody, gory, vile things you might have to come into contact with as a nurse. Just remember your universal precautions, and try to avoid unnecessary risks.
  4. by   caughtbuckinoff
    You'll be fine. I've gotten some seriously gross stuff on me for years and I'm not dead yet (I have sensitive skin too). I'm not even sure that they use formaldahyde to preserve anymore, due to its carcinogenic nature. If so, its at reasonably low levels in the embalming fluid. Don't worry, preserved pig heart is going to be tame compared to other things you'll find on your body throughout your nursing experience.
  5. by   Luckyyou
    One day, when you're working as a nurse, someone will puke directly in your face (or you'll spill breastmilk, or burp a colostomy bag in an unfortunate direction, or accidentally itch your face with a poopy glove) and you'll think "If only this was a piece of pig heart..."
  6. by   aachavez
    In anatomy a few years ago, we disected cats, it was an ongoing process, we stored our cats on the trays wrapped up with some of the preserving fluid. I reached up to the top shelf to grab my cat, when I pulled it down it tipped forward and I got cat juice ALL OVER ME. I swear I had that SMELL on me for weeks, regardless of scrubbing myself raw in the shower lol.

    As other posters have mentioned, you will get more gross stuff on you. I just finnished my first round of clinicals at a nursing home. Came home (I always rip my scrubs off and jump in the shower, its the only thing I want after a 12 hour shift). On my lovely white scrubs, was a stain... yup. Poop. A little smear of poop. I dont even know how that happened. And then I thought... well it couldnt have been the patient in 3B cos he's on iron supplements...I guess its only downhill from here!
  7. by   OB-nurse2013
    Hahahaha Well thats just preparig you for much to come. My second clinical semester I was suctioning a patient and my classmate was helping and got a huge chuck of sputum became airborn and landed on her upper cheek...
  8. by   sweetstrwbrry1
    Glad to know lol I'm more freaked out about the chemicals of it than the grossness. I have no probs touching it.