Accelerated BSN vs traditional BSN?

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    Hello I have a BS in biology and was planning on appying to accelerated BSN programs this summer, with the intention of eventually earning my MSN. I was curious if masters programs prefer students who went the traditional BSN route or if they give equal consideration to applicants who received an accelerated BSN after a previous degree? If they are considered equally, would anyone care to share what their previous degree was in as well as what masters specialty you are currently in? Any responses would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    Have you found any more info on this question, I would be curious to know?
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    Why not appply to accelerated/direct entry Masters program? Thats what I did (I too have a BS in Biology). I am finishing up my first year now.
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    i can't imagine that there's a difference. from what i understand, the nursing components of the programs are the same. getting a bachelor's degree does require a lot of general education credits, and the accelerated option is like getting credit for your gen eds and basically focusing on your major--nursing. i am applying for (A)BSN/MSN programs currently. i hold a BA and a BS from the University of Pittsburgh and am applying for FNP programs.
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    Thanks for you input. I didn't realize that they would accept less of my gen ed courses in the traditional route. I'll have to inquire about that. We don't have any combined BSN/MSN in NJ that I know of. Anyone else know? Best of luck to you!
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    I'm not aware of any reason why a traditional BSN program would not accept your existing gen ed credits toward the BSN (unless it's for some specific reason like your science courses are too "old" -- in that case, an accelerated program would not take them, either) -- I taught in a BSN program in which some students transferred in (to the nursing program itself) from other schools and went directly into the nursing courses, and their existing credits transferred in just fine. The real difference between a traditional BSN program and an accelerated BSN program is that the accelerated BSN program crams the same amount of classroom and clinical time and content into a shorter, more intense period of time. If someone is concerned that the v. condensed, intense program is not the best choice for them, it would certainly be worth talking to folks at traditional BSN programs near you and seeing whether one of those programs might be a better fit (it might also save you quite a bit of money, since the accelerated programs tend to be quite pricey, from what I've heard, and you have an better chance of working while you're in a traditional program).
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    Thank you for the info elkpark. I"m thinking of going into the traditional, most likely, so I can apply right away, and take the rest of my pre-reqs while admitted. The accelerated sounds too pressured I think.
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    Amojo, my BS is from the University of Pittsburgh too! What a small world. Im currently only applying to two ABSN programs and hopefully I get into my first choice, because I greatly prefer one over the other. Im still not 100% sure about what advanced degree I am going to pursue so the BSN/MSN isnt a good option for me at the moment. What programs are you looking into? I wish I would have applied to more, but some had ridiculous pre-reqs that I really didnt want to waste the money or time to take.
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    i am applying to Penn, JHU, and Emory at the moment. Possibly Samuel Merritt and Pace if I don't get in anywhere else.
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    All really good schools! I wish you the best of luck on getting accepted.

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