A rolling suitcase....really???

  1. I've seen a few posts recommending a rolling suitcase for use instead of a bookbag, etc. Are we talking carry-on size? What dimentions? I'm starting an ADN program in the fall, but I already have a BA degree and a master's degree in other subjects, so I do not think I will have to be taking a bunch of classes other than anatomy, physiology, etc. aside from my nursing classes/clinicals. I know that my nursing classes require a ton of textbooks, but will I be toting them all to class all the time? I just don't want to buy something that will be too big, but I don't want to underestimate the load I'll be lugging around, either.

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  3. by   OKNurse2be
    I don't think you need a rolling suitcase. However, they make backpacks that have wheels, just like a rolling suitcase does. I see them all the time at my college and can definitely see the benefit of having that instead of carrying 20 lbs worth of books on my back. I am going with the wait and see approach. I don't know how many books I will need to bring with me to class, but the fundamentals book(s) alone weigh a ton, so if you add the med-surg and peds textbook on top of that.. then yeah.... my back will probably tell me to get one of them rolling thingies. lol
  4. by   SunshineDaisy
    I have a rolling backpack, saves my back! My daggum med surge book alone is 6 pounds :O We don't bring all our books, usually the one or two, but they seem to get bigger each semester!
  5. by   coco.nut
    Something like these will do : rolling backpack - Walmart.com

    Personally, to class I take my power point and maybe my book for that class (abt half the time).

    I think it would be more useful for clinicals. I usually have my care plan book, drug book, lab value book, papers, tools of the trade . My first semester I also brought my gigantic textbook along to to look up info on whatever medical issue my patient was dealing with. All that adds up quickly.
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  6. by   BrittRN2B14
    I don't think a rolling suitcase will be necessary but I've heard that the rolling back packs are really good especially with the book load.
  7. by   IndyElmer
    I think it really depends on your specific circumstances. I have a friend who lives close to campus and her classes are clustered such that she does most/all of her studying at home. She rarely brings books to campus, and when she does, it's just one or maybe two books.

    On the other hand, last year I was far from campus, with parking far from my class buildings (so no storing stuff in my car and making trips back to the car between classes) and with time between classes all day long. I would have a rolling bag, a backpack and a fairly large insulated lunch bag that I was schlepping all over the place. I often felt overwhelmed by all the bags (but felt I truly needed all of the stuff) and I considered getting some sort of rolling suitcase that could hold everything.

    For most people, I don't think the rolling suitcase is a necessity or even something that would make their life considerably more convenient, but for a subset of nursing students, I bet it's a real lifesaver.
  8. by   brillohead
    Depending on your class, you may need your textbook, your drug book, and your lab (nursing implications of various diagnostic tests) book. (My instructors typically have us do group exercises in class when you need those items.) You'll probably also have a binder with class papers / powerpoints, and a notebook for taking notes. And you'll also have a pencil box/bag with pencils, erasers, pens in different colors, half a dozen highlighters, a small stapler, and sticky notes in half a dozen colors. And you may or may not have a laptop computer with you.

    And that's just for one class.

    If you want to carry all of that on your back (plus a purse, for most women), go for it. I much prefer to roll it behind me -- everyone says that nursing's going to kill your back, but it's really nursing SCHOOL that starts the downward spiral!

    Carry-on bag, rolling briefcase, rolling backpack -- doesn't really matter which you have, but you're GOING to want something with wheels of some sort.
  9. by   Lexirunner
    You definitely don't need one for pre-nursing courses. Once you get into your core classes and clinical, some people found it useful. I didn't have one, but there were days where I wish I had. I had my regular backpack crammed full, and then had to carry one or two huge texts that didn't fit. Some days/weeks I didn't need all the books... it really just depends on your situation. I chose to do most of my studying while I was at school so I brought all my things to school with me. If I were going to study at home, I probably wouldn't have needed to bring all my books to class.
  10. by   DawnCaprice
    I use a rolling briefcase with a telescoping handle. I love it. I take more than one class a day and have to carry all of the books. For my nursing concepts class, some days I need to have 3 books with me and not to mention my notebook and pens, highlighter, etc.... I just keep everything in my bag. I am always prepared for class and have everything together for when I am studying at home. It really is a back saver.
  11. by   grownuprosie
    I don't think a rolling pack is necessary. Get to know the other people in your class. Each one of you bring a book. I do have a bias against rolling packs though. They tend to be too bulky to get under the desks at my school. which means if you have to pee during a lecture and someone in your row has one, it is impossible to get out discretely. If you do get one, please just be considerate of the people around you.

    Honestly though, i have never had to carry more than one book at a time. I would not spend the money just to find out you never needed it. Give it a week with whatever backpack you have lying around. You will know if it is not sufficient.
  12. by   sheilahdee
    i LOVE my rolling backpack! lol. i felt like a nerd, but at least i wasn't breaking my back!
  13. by   lalopop86
    I think it just depends. I have not ever seen the use for them in our program, because being an ADN program we are in one class each semester (clinicals 2 days a week & class the other days for 3-4 hours). We have a ton of books but most of the time we don't use them in class. The majority of us have all of our books on our computers so I've really never seen the need to bring a suitcase full of books to class even though some people do it anyway.
  14. by   LadyinScrubs
    When I was in the university, I took the 6:30 am train into town and the 7 pm train home. In the meantime, I transferred to the university using buses. The campus was large, and I had various university classes throughout the week from early morning and sometimes till night. It was absolutely necessary that I bring my books for those classes, as well as my computer, and a notebook--not to mention a lunch and/or thermos as well as a sweater or coat. During my train ride, I would use my books to study--meaning I got an extra 2-3 hrs study time during transit. I found a small, inexpensive rolling overnight case to be ideal; a backpack would not be suitable or healthy. For those of you who take one class a day/evening and have a car to leave and retrieve supplies/books then a backpack would work. But for me, because of the hours I was away from home and the distance I had to travel, I have always been a proponnent of a rolling backback or small rolling case.