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I know it is entirely too early but I wanted to get a thread going for all of you who are planning to apply for the NSP this upcoming year. I know it is becoming more and more popular and there are... Read More

  1. by   defpotec2020
    Can you guys help me figure out how this is supposed to work?
    1. The NURSECorps scholarship application deadline is May 2 and requires we already be accepted into the program.
    2. The ADN program I am applying to has an application deadline of May 31 and requires applicants to already have their CNA.
    3. The Spring semester CNA class ends mid-May. The state CNA test isn't available until mid-June.
    I can't wait another entire year to start school. How can I make this work?
  2. by   hanoi98
    I am applying also, and badly need it. I quit my job to go to school fulltime. Raising a 5-year-old son with $800/ month. I am in the first semester of the ADN program. I really hope to get it for the next school year. The date line is 5/2. Should I submit my application early? If after I graduate from the ADN, and go to a RN-BSN program, can I keep renew my contract and get one more year of scholarship?
    Please share your experience and advice, I really appreciate everything
  3. by   chwcbesteph
    It sounds like you don't have a choice but to wait another year Can you work on prereqs? Are you going to get your BSN someday? There are more prereqs for that that you could work on...
  4. by   winterraven
    Hey folks, also applying to HRSA Nursing Scholarship program this year.

    My EFC falls within the 0-5500 range, but I'm unsure if it's even possible to get it because they never leave the EFC 0 range? If that's correct does that mean they just choose the applicants who are EFC 0, then EFC 1, then EFC 2, etc? Or do they choose within that 0-5500 spectrum? /so confused.
  5. by   hopefulnurse24
    The range is between 0-5500, you are correct there! There was actually someone on last year's thread who had an EFC in the 2000s who applied and received it, with a 3.4 GPA. So from what I can tell, they will definitely take anyone within that range! I think it has a lot to do with the strength of your essays and your commitment to work with the medically underserved community, and less to do with GPA and where your EFC is, as long as it falls within that range. There were many people with EFCs of 0 who received the scholarship, but many people who had EFCs of 0 who didn't.

    I will be applying for the scholarship this year as well. I actually have an EFC in the 2000s, so I was thinking about the same things you were. I would find the money incredibly useful for my extremely expensive ABSN program because my mother is a single mother and has 2 kids in college (my brother and I), so she can't help me out very much and the program is incredibly expensive. Too expensive to rely only on federal loans... and private loans terrify me! I have a 3.86 cumulative GPA, and experience as a 500/501 certified tester (meaning I can test individuals for HIV using the OraSure test and counsel them on their results as well), and have extensive volunteer experience in two free health clinics in my college town, ran by our college of medicine for the uninsured and medically underserved population. I also have experience working as a personal trainer/PE coach for young adults with intellectual disabilities, and lots of volunteer experience at a very big public hospital with an extremely high percentage of Medicaid patients. I hope that this is enough to help me receive the scholarship, but it is hard to tell!
  6. by   kmac3414
    How do you find a facility near you?

    Also, on the EFC, will this be for the past year or 2013-2014? I have a special circumstance, and my college has yet to process my FASFA..
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  7. by   hopefulnurse24
    The EFC is based off of the 2013-2014 FAFSA. If you google it, it should come up with a way to search for facilities.
  8. by   Julesmama28
    I'm in the process of applying, just need one more form back from my school and I can turn it in! I'm really crossing my fingers for this one, it would really help out. I have 3 more semesters of my Bsn program and it's getting so expensive!
  9. by   GodIs082010
    How did you upload your SAR if it has multiple pages? Did you upload the copy from FASA site?
  10. by   hopefulnurse24
    I saved the one from the FAFSA site as a PDF and submitted it that way.
  11. by   GodIs082010

    Was yours 1 page?
  12. by   hopefulnurse24
    No, I think it was about 3 or 4.
  13. by   GodIs082010
    Quote from hopefulnurse24
    no, i think it was about 3 or 4.
    so there is an option to upload more than one page? That was my concern. I dont want to be disqualified for any reason. Thx for your info

    sorry for caps issues with my keyboard