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  1. hanoi98

    NVCC Online Hybrid RN Program, Spring 2014

    Yep, what the above said, in person exams, lab tests, second year you will have chance to test out skill in clinical setting though..,
  2. hanoi98

    Help me list MPH/MSN and PHNL/NP programs

    Johns Hopkins
  3. hanoi98

    2012 Update on VA/DC/MD hospitals that hire ADNs?

    Starting January of this year, Inova will not hire anyone without a BSN in hand, unless internal hire with contact to get BSN within 3 years
  4. hanoi98

    References and Professional Etiquette

    I also do not think it's a good idea to give draft of recommendation letters for others to sign. Professional write their own letters, especially if ones are professors or PhD. I don't know about you, but I rather received a great letter written by e...
  5. hanoi98

    Pre-reqs at NVCC

    It depends on the number of application and the number of slots available. Last year, most people applied got in.
  6. hanoi98

    Pre-reqs at NVCC

    It is not online though, so you will have 3 semester to finish off. I don't know the specific requirement for that track.
  7. hanoi98

    Pre-reqs at NVCC

    NVCC has LPN to RN, you don't have to take Fundamental.
  8. hanoi98

    Admission Decision Help: GMU, GWU, & MU.

    I would definitely go with GWU among the three.
  9. hanoi98

    NVCC or GMU for pre nursing?

    IMO, I would go to a better school than GMU for my BSN, plus for financial reason. GMU will definitely help you finish faster. Everyone situation is different. For me, NVCC was the only choice.
  10. hanoi98

    Cover Letter

    Very helpful. Thank you!!!
  11. hanoi98

    George Mason BSN Accelerated Program- Fall 2014

    Yuk! That does not sound right. You have great GPA. Is that for the nursing program or the GMU admission?
  12. They would call you to schedule for a panel interview soon, then Talent Plus. The in person interview should be from the end of March through the first part of April. The scholarship award is given out in May, during Nursing week.
  13. hanoi98

    George Mason BSN Accelerated Program- Fall 2014

    You will receive 2 acceptance letter, 1 from GMU, 1 from the nursing program. Receiving one is not the guarantee of the other.
  14. hanoi98

    Johns Hopkins MS-NP/MPH

    Hello, it's great to hear from you. Finally find someone on the same road. I have not yet applied. I am still in the last semester of the ADN program. So i plan to apply for fall 2016. Please keep in touch. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.
  15. I would suggest you take all the non nursing course such as Pharm, medical term, psy 201, 202 before start the program. The nursing course work is heavy and you don't want to add any extra classes unless absolutely necessary. I am not sure about the ...