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Had a really tough shift the other day, and I brought it home. My husband asked me what was wrong, and I just rambled for 15 minutes. When I was done, he said to me, "You've never said you liked nursing." He's right. I've... Read More

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    I was having this very discussion with my girlfriend from nursing school the other day. Neither of us had a higher calling or some divine saintly moment when we felt called to be nurses. I like being a nurse, and so does she, but it is a blue collar job that puts food on the table.

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    We are understaffed at our hospital. We are frequently getting very high acuity patients that have no business being on a Med-Surg floor as well. I had a patient with a blood sugar of 800 and I was required to check blood sugar every hour. What? Really? I had 5 other patients
    that day. How does one juggle this? Needless to say, I got behind on everything. I just keep saying to myself, "I can only do the best that I can do." This patient should have been upgraded to ICU or at least PCU to be on endotool, but there weren't any beds available. The computerized charting can make it easier, but when you're interrupted 13 times while you're just trying to assess your first patient, it's very easy to have holes in your documentation. That's why I stay late to ensure that my documentation was done correctly. If ED calls report, we have 2 minutes to get to the phone. Got written up the other day because I was gowned up in a C Diff patient's room taking care of the code brown without a CNA to be found. I'm okay with cleaning the patient up-- even with the lack of help. I realize the CNAs can't be in 14 different places at one time, just like the RNs can't. I would never leave my patient soiled, and I did what needed to be done. But, to get written up because I didn't answer ED's call. Really?? Annoying. Why can't I just call them back when I'm done cleaning up the patient. I love being a nurse. I really do, and I love my patients (well-- 85% of them). I do not like management. Things have to change. I don't have the time with my patients like I want. I am not sure how much longer I can go on like this, and it's a shame. My hospital will be losing a damn good nurse who genuinely cares about her patients. I really think I would like Med-Surg nursing if the ratios were lower and management had our backs.
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    Have you considered transferring to ICU. Only 2 patients and usually a lot more time with them to do a good job.
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    Quote from gonzo1
    Have you considered transferring to ICU. Only 2 patients and usually a lot more time with them to do a good job.
    I have considered that, but I do wonder if it's a frying pan to fire thing. I've become very wary of believing that the grass is greener on any acute care unit.
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