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One of the many unexpected delights of my new job as DNS in an assisted living community is the mutual respect and admiration that has developed between my executive director, Mike, and me. I've never had the pleasure of... Read More

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    Quote from lamazeteacher
    You have been given a choice - to sell the facility's byline with some discomfort, or quit.

    However there's another choice, which is going to the nearest Labor Board with the fact that public speaking isn't in your job description (you have looked at that, I hope) and you have been coerced with the threat of "two weeks notice", to sell that facility's services.

    Selling health is one thing, but selling your facility to the public is unlikely what you were hired to do, I would think.
    Oh, no, no---my boss didn't say he'd give me two weeks notice (or ask me to resign) if I didn't do the presentation, he merely observed that I should be happy I have MONTHS to prepare it instead of two weeks, like he had. He wouldn't make me do it if I truly didn't want to......but he knows I'm a flaming extrovert just like he is and wouldn't have a problem with speaking in front of people.

    Besides, who knows where all this could lead? Six months ago I thought I was finished as a nurse; now I'm on the upswing and there's no telling how far I can go. I'm sublimely happy where I am, but I've always wanted to be able to write and educate on health topics, and maybe this is how I'll get there. Again.......who knows?
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    Sorry I got your situation differently than it is. It's great that you are enjoying your work!
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    hello,it is big chance for you,i work as nurse 15 years and i still remmber my first seminar it was oh my god,but now im really you have enought time you practise and learn it is important if you want to be good.people soory because my english is not very good.
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