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One of the many unexpected delights of my new job as DNS in an assisted living community is the mutual respect and admiration that has developed between my executive director, Mike, and me. I've... Read More

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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    Oh, I won't be doing the presentation until August 9.........plenty of time to prepare. But knowing myself, I'll probably wait till August 7th or 8th to write it.
    Excellent! You can practice on family, friends, pets....plenty of time to perfect your technique!
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    Thanks for sharing. I've enjoyed your articles, and I am not at all surprised you were asked to do this. Use the same good-humor in your speech as you do with us here, and it will be great.
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    What a great opportunity for you! It is nice to see such a close relationship
    between the DNS and executive director.

    I fear public speaking as well. Just pick out someone you admire for
    public speaking. I watched weeks of Prime Ministers Question Time (British
    Parliament) and focused on how they presented their speeches.

    It worked for me, got an A in the class assignment and my instructor
    thought I had a job which involved public speaking. ()
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    It won't be hard for you because you are talking about something that you know and care so much about. Just look at it as a chance to start to educate everyone on a very important issue. May the force be with you
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    You are so very lucky and I am sooo jealous!! Seriously, the working environment and your boss seem to be heaven sent. The reality of how many poor nursing managers are out there, wrecking havoc, causing hell for others who are trying to do their jobs and seem to find senior positions, no matter what the sin - is pretty overwhelming in numbers. Regardless of the plethora of management training, skills asessment etc. etc. we witness a never ending repetitiveness of nursing managers who should not be in that role. I was reminded of my own experience where I had a similar director who encouraged all of us, recognised our skills and was always ready to teach and support, most of all, to joke, laugh and support our endeavours. Our unit was also growing rapidly and its success was due to the constant, positive vibes and feedback from managers and patients. Only many years later, do I realise how much missed this, as I have never had a similar experience where I would enjoy working 7 days a week if needed! With such support and mentor, You will do well because you love what you do which injects into whatever type of presentation you choose to make, Congratulations and continue along the path.
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    Ha HAAAA! There ya go, Viva!!!
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    That is so awsome...I would be freaking out(hate public speaking), but sounds like such a great opportunity. I love the fact that your boss has so much confidence in you. Let us know how things go, and I want to hear your speech.
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    THANK GOD there are people like you out there. Taking their responsibility for taking care of our aging population seriously but while still having a little fun!!!!
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    Sounds like he has a great deal of confidence in you - and since he seems like such a stellar, intelligent person, he obviously must have good reason! You can do it - go educate the crap out of them
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    You have been given a choice - to sell the facility's byline with some discomfort, or quit.

    However there's another choice, which is going to the nearest Labor Board with the fact that public speaking isn't in your job description (you have looked at that, I hope) and you have been coerced with the threat of "two weeks notice", to sell that facility's services.

    Selling health is one thing, but selling your facility to the public is unlikely what you were hired to do, I would think.

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