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You sit through 3 red lights before you realize the car in front of you is broken down, and not just stopped at the light. oops.... Read More

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    Having to work 2 shifts in order to get paid for ONE holiday....argh!!!
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    You know all the bars that have Happy Hour at 8am. You can maneuver around your house without ever turning the lights on. When asked for your daytime phone number, you say you don't have one. Your kids say that the scariest sight they ever saw was Mom at 2pm, waking up because of the kids arguing. Also, when your teenager knows that the best time to ask for something is at 3pm. I had to put the kabosh on that one quick. I told them that anything I said between the hours of 12pm and 5pm was invalid.
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    Quote from GadgitGurlRN
    Bwaaaaah! I almost spit my soda out reading this!

    My sister woke me up one afternoon because she had a fever and wanted some Tylenol. When I went to give it to her I grabbed her wrist looking for her pt ID band.
    My kids call this "Sleep-Nursing" Just yesterday I woke up at 1100 because I promised to take them out to lunch (snow day) and asked them to PO challenge the GI bleed in room 10 before we let her eat with us.

    Still hearing about it.
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    Its 1600 on your day off and you realize you haven't eaten anything today
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    ... if (on your night off) your daughter is up all night with insomnia or sick and it doesn't bother you because you're already used to being up.
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    if you get used to drinking coffee soo much that you dont need creamer or sugar anymore..

    if you cant sleep without earplugs and blackout curtins

    when the days/nights become one big blur
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    LOVE this thread!!! And omg, the "Spinal Tap" comments!!!

    The "PO challenge" and "co-signing insulin"...LOL!

    ....when you haven't worked nights in YEARS, yet you *still* feel the need to wear a
    dark sleep mask every.single.night!
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    When checking Facebook on a break at midnight or later (using my phone of course) and busting my 16 yo daughter for having posted something WAY after she should've been sleeping...her friends found my threatening reply posts rather entertaining
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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    And God help you if you're trying to talk about something that happened a day ago on night shift.
    "Last night. No, not *this* last night, *last* last night."

    It ends up sounding like some sort of 'Who's on First?' bit....
    Every. Time. I. Give. Report! This is too true and too hilarious!