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You sit through 3 red lights before you realize the car in front of you is broken down, and not just stopped at the light. oops.... Read More

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    Yes!!! It makes me SO mad that McDonald's only serves breakfast at 0800. I just worked 12 hrs- I don't want a coffee and a breakfast burrito- I want a $@&" cheeseburger and some $@"& fries!
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    Burger King sells a ham and cheese croissant with or without a scrambled egg until 10:30 every morning and when I'd not be in a breakfast mood, I'd get one minus the egg. When I used to get one to eat on the way home, I'd add a squirt of Dijon mustard and it tasted soooo good! Now I get a smoothie and some herbal tea with it. Yum!
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    I love that this thread is slow during the day, and goes crazy during the wee hours!
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    I just cleaned my whole house and vacuumed. Good thing my neighbors are not close! When I first started on night shift I always wanted to vacuum at night but we lived on the third floor of an apartment so I couldn't. Night shifters need detached homes with no close neighbors.
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    For the night shifters wanting burgers at 8:00 a.m., Jack in the Box and Sonic both serve their full menu all day long.
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    Now I just need to find a sonic.
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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    And God help you if you're trying to talk about something that happened a day ago on night shift.
    "Last night. No, not *this* last night, *last* last night."
    I thought I was making perfect sense when talking to a day-shifter about having worked Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day night.
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    Quote from duskyjewel
    For the night shifters wanting burgers at 8:00 a.m., Jack in the Box and Sonic both serve their full menu all day long.
    Omg!!! THANK YOU so much- i never knew that! There's a Sonic that's just a tiny little bit out of the way on my route home- but I'm anticipating quite a few detours in my future!
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    .... if you walk into a sleeping paitent's room at 2am and he wakes up justifiably scared to see you standing you over the bed in the dark. He asks "What are you doing?!" You reply: "Just watching you breathe." and then leave the room without another word.

    You *might* be a night nurse if it never occurs to you just how creepy that is....
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    This may have already been mentioned, but I remember driving home alternating which eye I kept open! Have you ever laid your head down and the hospital supervisor come up to you, you sit up innocently while showing off your bright red forehead? lol

    I worked nights for about 6 years.

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