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They say you start, or rather, your pet starts to look like you after a while. I know mine does. We have 2 German Shepherds and a Border Collie. The Shep (male called Tzar) is so much like me we even have the same mood swings.... Read More

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    Very happily pet free right now! (Why clean up messes at home after cleaning up messes all day at work?) Had rather bad experience with older cat we were happy to take from friends that relocated and didn't to have him put down. Of course, he started to spray and we lost the trust of our own tabby. What a traumatic mess!

    Would like to try a dog next time. Anyone ever owned a Shar pai?

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    :chuckle My dog is just like me. she really does have my personality. She sticks up here nose at things (food)that she doesn't like, and if she does not want to hear what is being said to her, she looks away and tunes me out. Also, If she doesn't want to be bothered she hides, and when she wants attention she makes sure that she gets it...and if I sleep till noon, so does she!
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    Careful with the Shar Peis. They have eye and skin problems and can be a bit aggressive. My mutt has IBD and probably allergies and it costs a lot of money when you have a dog with a chronic health problem.
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    If I were like my pets........
    I could sleep 22 hours a day, have my back rubbed (and maybe my tummy ) every night. Someone else would take care of me and clean up my messes and I could pay attention to them only if I particularly felt like it at the moment. Whenever I whined, they would offer me food or some treat.

    Ahh, the life of a cat. (or at least my cats!)
    :spin: :spin:
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    I'm nothing like my pet. Of course, that huge set of balls and the uncontrollable desire to hump anything and everything in the house may have something to do with that.

    Not my style

    But he does love lazy days around the house and licking chocolate off my fingers (if I leave him any)

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    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    I'm nothing like my pet. Of course, that huge set of balls and the uncontrollable desire to hump anything and everything in the house may have something to do with that.

    :roll :roll :roll

    Whewwww.... I can't breath!! :chuckle
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    I was talking about the dog, BTW.

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    That reminded me so much of my Rott. Especially in his early days and I was a "doggie pimp" for a while
    Poor thing, just could not get the mating thing straight. He started off pokin' the female in her eye, then in her ribs.. she would try to "guide" him in the right direction and it was just hilarious to watch. Finally, he sired 2 big litters before he started having prostate trouble and I had to get him fixed. :stone
    He's 13 now, still frisky with stiff hips.

    Oh no, I'm thirty !#%@, still frisky with stiff hips!
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    I am just as much of a b*tch at times.... I have a rabid chihuahua who I love dearly.
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    Between all my animals I'm sure I can assemble my entire personality! One of my horses is a gelding (2 years old last March), and is so fascinated with the world aroound him, thinks he is hot stuff, and occasionally cops an attitude. (Balls removed at 7 months!) My 8-year-old mare is a little insecure and can't bear to be without the gelding. Can be very opinionated but is generally easy-going.
    One of my cats is aloof and very self-contained but she always wants to be in the same room as me- will never admit she's lonely. My other cat makes a beeline for me everytime I sit or lie down so she can get in my face and purr.
    I would actually like to be more like my Sheltie, who loves absolutely everyone and would never harm a hair on any creature's head. She is the most joyous being I know. She plays happily with cats, ferrets, rabbits, and other dogs. She is fiercely protective of me and will not allow my collie to play with me. My collie is me on my days off- her favorite thing to do is nothing, horizontally! When she's really happy (rolling on the floor, having her ears rubbed) she moans, very loudly.

    And lastly there is my husband but he deserves a thread of his own....

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