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You know it's a full moon when..... - page 2

Well, I got up this mornning to run some errands before it got too hot outside. My a/c in my jeep isn't the best, so I thought I'd do it early. So I finish my errands and decide to stop at the dollar... Read More

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    Quote from busyrnandmom
    Exactly!!! And to top it all off, the guy started hollering at me after he got shot, "You white _____________ ______________, if you ran over my phone, I'll sue you!!" I think he had bigger fish to fry there!

    Anne, RNC
    I'd have ducked... and backed up over the thing! Then put it in drive and ran over it again as I drove off, peeling my wheels!!!
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    That must have been terrifying, thank goodness no one was seriously hurt.
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    When I lived in mother sent me a refrigerator magnet in the shape of TX with a gun on it and it said the 911 slogan...and since I've moved's 100% true...:idntdt:
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    Geez...the only excitement I had was doing laundry and chasing a loose horse!

    I am soooo glad you are OK. I bet you make the paper!