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We all must face it - we are aging. Oh yeah, when I was 20, 30, even 40, heck I was NOT going to get old. I was going to keep learning, stay current with evidence based practices and be on TOP! However, there was something... Read More

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    Myofusion is a whey protein powder that I drink often. It's a good protein source. I drink it with water, sometimes with milk, and sometimes I'll do the smoothie thing. There are many protein powders, it's just the Myofusion is the one that taste best to me. There's whey, soy, etc... This way I don't have to worry about how much protein from what.

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    Ahhhh...whey protein is super stuff. I need to get back on my protein shakes. I'll look into this one. I've used Ultimate Muscle Protein by Beverly International ($$). Will try yours!

    As we discuss the age thing I would love some feedback about grad school. I was all set to go on for my MSN but have decided that's not what I truly want. I'm considering a master's in counseling but the road is loooong. It would take me probably 4 yrs plus lots of clinical time. I'm weeding through the pros and cons. Anyone out there exploring similar options??? I guess my main issue is time away from things I hold dear to take on more school. Maybe I need to see a guidance counselor, lol!
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    Well, it seems nobody in my family lives past a certain age---I call it "the curse of 66"---and it's not looking good for my sister either, so I may very well have to be the one to break the mold. In fact, several people in my life, including my head doc, have told me recently that they are going to be HUGELY PO'd if I don't, so I guess I've got to take care of myself so I can avoid disappointing them. So......here's to eating apples instead of chocolates, and keeping my stress levels down so I don't use myself up too soon. LOL

    Viva, nothing wrong with eating a little chocolate! Don't they say that eating a bit of dark chocolate every day is good for heart health? :P
    I hear ya, have similar family history, at least on Mama's side. If cancer doesn't get me, CAD will.
    I really have to start being pro-active on that I guess. Daily regimen of dark chocolate and red wine, starting tomorrow! :P

    But yes, seriously, add me to that list of people who would be PO'd if you aren't around much longer with your wisdom and humor. Love reading your posts.
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    you all crack me up!

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