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We all must face it - we are aging. Oh yeah, when I was 20, 30, even 40, heck I was NOT going to get old. I was going to keep learning, stay current with evidence based practices and be on TOP! However, there was something... Read More

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    Yes! Getting older, working fulltime in MedSurg and flip flopping from 7A to 7P shift is EXHAUSTING! Then add in 3 young grandchildren (9,7,5 years old) & their Dad (here, but working beyond fulltime hours), and Hubby and I have begun to need naps to keep up! I had worked 30 years fulltime at a large local med center when I was cruelly kicked to the curb without unemployement pay (didn't know about not signing anything after getting TERMINATED). Now looking at financial bankruptcy after paying for 18 months of COBRA insurance and finding only parttime work. Thankfully I'm now employeed fulltime at a small hospital 45 minutes away. This employer accually recongizes that experience is valuable. Let me say that again. Experience Is Valuable! A total of 36 years in acute medical care has given me the ability to spot quickly when a patient is circleing the drain and needs help NOW. Who cares if my hair is gray in places, my knees and back hurt like H$%% ,if I can help a patient and pass on information and education to co workers, that is what really counts. The options are; to curl up within my self and become bitter, die, or keep on keeping on.
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    I saw the tltle of these posts and thought I'd join in!

    I'm 61 and just 'semi' retired. I've been working cath lab for just over 20 years, and mostly critical care for most of my career (over 41 years full time). I have found the last few years have taken more of a toll physically on me. I have several medical issues, but my degenerative arthritis is what's affected me most. It's just about everywhere, including my spine from head to tail, along with some disk issues in my thoracic spine. I've had one of my knees replaced and need the other one done...and my hips are not far behind. Wearing a lead apron all day, and taking long, long days of 'on call' were too much...

    So after dealing with worsening pain the last several months, I decided to make a change. I'm taking money out of an IRA and supplementing it with working just 1 day/week. Financially it's tough, I have to wait several more months to start SS.

    So for those younger than me, who are still going, I offer this advice: 1) if you can at least get your BSN completed, go for it! If you have your BSN, you may have other options open to you as you get older and feel the need to slow down. 2) Take care of yourself physically now before you approach your later 50's and early 60's (and mentally of course!)....keep off the weight, eat sensibly, exercise, strengthen yourself, etc...

    I wanted to retire at 62, but not in the not-so-great-shape that I'm in now. I thought I'd be healthier! And as someone mentioned earlier....I too have a family history of most not surviving out of their 60's....so working longer than 62 was not an option I was considering.

    Good luck everyone!
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    Yesterday was my 56th birthday. I was talking with a few friends who are around my age & we decided we wouldn't go back & do our 20's & 30's over again for anything. Life was hard for me those 2 decades & I felt very old then because life was beating me down. Now it seems life has turned around for me in the last 20 or so years & I'm enjoying it so much. I have a wonderful husband, daughter, & a grandson who will be 1 year old in 11 days. I wouldn't trade my life now for anything I had back then. There is no substitute for life experience & I firmly believe everything I went through earlier in life made me the strong, confident person I am today.

    The only sad thing about my birthday this year is that my present to myself was a cane. The pain in my legs from my RA is so bad that I finally had to admit I need a little help getting around. Oh well, at least I found a pretty cane with butterflies on it so it doesn't look too old ladyish!
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    Such interesting posts. Now that I think of it, I am so afraid that if I work much longer, something will happen to me healthwise or accidentwise and then I will kick myself in the butt as I will be unable to fulfill my passion of having this time to travel with my husband. I read about pain and arthritis, bad hips, etc. and know that it could be me so I ought to be so grateful for my good health and just chuck it all in in exactly one year. That is my target date. The future is unknown.
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    In my early 50's and I work with high school kids so that is a plus! The mind set certainly keeps me young. Can't quite let go of the hair, I just use root touch up (at home and much less costly!)

    Maybe cause I'm single and looking? LOL! I have known many beautiful women who are white or gray and I know it should not matter.....

    A lot is mind set, I have aches and pains but will not give into them, my sister on the other hand 6 years younger and FULL of aches and pains....but also I think some of it has to do with her inablitity to get a full time job...they chose (and were able ) for her to stay home while the kids were little and now the job market stinks and she cannot secure FTE....and life has been pretty good to her all along and ticked right on track- school work marriage kids home etc...

    While occasionally envious of her, my life is pretty darn good and I have a job that I love and one that fulfills me

    Can I really ask for more than that?
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    Quote from nhnursie
    In my early 50's and I work with high school kids so that is a plus! The mind set certainly keeps me young. Can't quite let go of the hair, I just use root touch up (at home and much less costly!)
    I do the at home root touch-up too - but a couple of times a year I do go in for the professional dye and highlights. Which I did yesterday afternoon. My step is a little lighter and I've gotten raves for the highlighting and recommended my stylist. It's the only thing I splurge on occasionally. I do not to manicure or pedicures. I only purchase sneakers when the old ones wear out and then they must be on sale. I don't buy clothes much - I've got on a 10 year old pair of jeans and a 6 year old shirt right now. I don't do Starbucks or any other coffee house.

    And it feels good to have my hair colored.

    To each their own. But I'm loving my own.
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    I just got tired of doing the roots at home as hard as I tried, I sometimes missed and got it on the wood counters or walls. Even just a spot and it would turn very dark and I could not get it off unless I painted. I stopped going to the hairdresser as I just did not want to do it every 4 weeks as it needed it by then. I never thought I would "let it go" but now that I have, I am very happy with it. Next I will get rid of all make up little by little except for lipstick and a bit of eyebrow pencil. I will give all my work clothes away in about a year, clean out everything I do not need or want, and finally do what I love before it is too late. I travel a lot in second world countries (can do it a long time due to costs) for weeks on end for very little but it is not easy but it is fun, adventurous and meet great locals and other travelers. I do not want to travel with roots ha ha.
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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Ah, the 50's. Bent but not broken.

    Enjoying reading everyone's perspective.

    I'm the mother of an 11 year old at 55 years of age and that definitely keeps me on my toes. Also, my oldest is 29, just married and is waiting a year to talk about having a baby. Tick tock son . . tick tock.

    Contemplating another degree and another student loan when the BSN one isn't paid off yet.

    Am I crazy?

    (Yes, of course)
    I'm just a few years younger and have an 11 yr old and 16 yr old...contemplating NP school...terrified but can't seem to let it go. I support your decision to go for more education!
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    While I don't think that age is just a number, I don't think it is entirely indicative of one's state in life. I've seen patients in their late forties look awful, they are on disability, their health is terrible because they didn't take care of themselves, while I've seen plenty of seventy and eighty-somethings still "with it" and look about ten to fifteen years younger. My 87 year old grandmother until very recently was driving herself around. She also can still get up and down the steps and her mind is still sharp. Then I have a grandmother ten years younger who is in and out of hospitals, has suffered strokes and gets out of breath walking a very short distance and has for quite a while. She also has a long history of smoking, drinking and gambling while my 87-year old grandma does not.

    People are living longer, medicine is advancing and soon it will be very common to see people live until their nineties. Not too long ago, I read an article on "super senior" citizens still working their jobs out of want and not out of need, so I guess we shouldn't be so shocked to hear about fifty, sixty year-old people who "still have it."

    But what do I know? I'm a 40 year old trapped in a 21 year old's body. I hate alcohol, I don't party and I'm very much a mamma's girl.
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    You all are so awesome! I love how adaptable everyone is. I think that factors into how we age too - the ability to change with lifes circumstances. This is a trait to be admired.
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