Yeeeeeaaaayyyy!!!! For healthcare reform

  1. Well my fellow nurses, our President has passed the healthcare bill....what do you think? now just from the few things i have pulled out of the bill, I can't see how any of this will hurt us. If anything i think it would help alot. We will be looking at alot of new hires, due to the demands of nurses and doctors (not like the "demand" now... yeah right) RN's will be looking at a little stress off them because NAI, NAII, and LPN/LVN, will be adding to thier scope of practice, Which inturn means that we would need to fight for better pay (some how I don't think it will be just given) and also means that more Hospitals are going to be kicking out more money to further the education of their staff ($$$ more money that is not going to be taken out of our pockets). And not to meantion rebates given left and right for the money that people are going to have pay for there medicine (which however is going to be decreased by almost 50%). This is just some of the good i see out of it. Feel free to comment.....thanks!
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  3. by   April, RN
    Check out this forum of There are many threads there discussing this topic.
  4. by   kcochrane
    With 2,000+ pages, its really hard to know exactly what effect this reform will have. It is great that more people will be covered, but I'm concerned on who will pay the cost?

    But I agree check out the threads currently going. There are good points on both sides.
  5. by   RedCell
    The syntax of this post is so poorly structured that I cannot tell whether you are being facetious or if you are truly buying into this government mandate.
  6. by   newtress
    No my disillusioned friend. What nurses will want to go to work in clinics for less hourly rates and a huge increase in patient load. The exact opposit of what nurses have been fighting for. Healthcare and patient care will slowly be handed off to less certified staff and or those who are not licensed or registered nurses to provide services that nurses currently still provide. Cost cutting will be implimented. Mark..My..Words.