Yacker Tracker in the NICU ??? - page 5

So they just put one of these things on our unit. It's like a stoplight that goes yellow to red when there is too much noise. We are a small NICU unit. Seriously? I'm pretty insulted to be... Read More

  1. by   NurseNeLz
    We have one on our unit and I see nothing wrong with it. It does get pretty loud at the nurses station at times and just put yourself in the patients shoes when they are trying to rest. In a Nicu I would think it would keep the staff mindful of their noise level as the babies also need to rest.
  2. by   dharlow
    Yeah, I'm with you there. Or if the call lights are going off and it wasn't a particular nurse's patient it would get ignored even if it was just to get some fresh water. God forbid they answer it because the patient might need a (wait for it...) bedpan or assistance voiding.
  3. by   Paws2people
    Oh yes, the good ole stop light. Darn thing is always red, even when whispering or opening a box of gloves.

    We also have management walking around with apps that read the decibels of noise.

    If we are quiet, we get nothing.

    Nosey? We get a Mentos Mint.

    Nothing like rewarding bad behavior. Who doesn't want a mint? Lol.
  4. by   OwlNation
    ^^^ same here! Or when the noise level suddenly drops. . . .