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Hello everybody........some of you know about my 'lovely' job situation....... Anyway, I have a opportunity for a great job working as a Program Manager for a new long-term rehab unit for TBI... Read More

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    I drove 30 miles one way from Phili to Wilmington for one year. The position was what I needed in that it gave me the experience I had to have. I would really consider living out for those nights I need to be working the next morning. The ablitiy to do that would depend on your family situation. Book tapes are great!
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    I work 4 days a week (10 hour days) and I drive 51 miles each way. It is my dream job and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I was also not interested in moving...we love our house and our town.

    A lot depends on the flexibility you have, time of day, etc. For example, I worked at a hospital 25 miles away from me at one time. The traffic was horrible. I'd much rather do my current 102 mile round trip which I do in very light traffic and at the time of my choosing. This is also a job that let me have 4 10 hour days so I am grateful. Every time some one says "why do you drive that far!?!", I say "3 day weekends, 52 a year". Worth it, to me.

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