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Hello everybody........some of you know about my 'lovely' job situation....... Anyway, I have a opportunity for a great job working as a Program Manager for a new long-term rehab unit for TBI pts.......the only thing is... Read More

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    I don't think I would drive that far. Just depends on the job: Is it really that great? Will you gain some really wonderful skills in an area of nursing that may lead you to the smae type job one day closer to home? Then maybe.

    It's alot of time out of one's life.
    This may be kind of unpopular here, but I don't think it's great to drive so far for other reasons. It's not the cost of gas, but the fact that I would be using so much of it, would it be morally responsible ( for me)?

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    with the traffic around here? a big fat NO! but you have to thyink about what it's like in your area. Factor in family time, what will you do if there is an accident, if your car breaks down, more cell phone minutes may be needed, miles on the car used, etc... I can't stand sitting in a car for that long so i would go nuts, but i have friends who find it relaxing. go figure!
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    Nope, I'd be too afraid of falling asleep on the way home! :stone
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    I commute two days a week, 52 miles from home. I love my job! I have always had to commute to work as a nurse and as there are not a lot of options up where I live....a hospital that the only shift offered starts or ends in the middle of the night So when I had an opportunity to work in a busy outpatient surgery center...weekends and holidays off with excellent pay it was a pretty easy choice. Now if I had to do this five days a week it would probably be a lot tougher. I am not sure I could commute 120 miles one way though. Good luck in your decision.
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    I drove 72 miles each way, for a crappy job. I hated every minute of it, but was putting dh thru grad school, and had to do it. As another poster said, I often found myself falling asleep on the road, and would have to full over and conk out in my car.

    120 miles is way too much, imo.
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    if your situation at home would allow you to be away for bit i would take the advise given earlier about getting a cheap room close to work and staying there during work time...if you are in for shoulder surgery driving that much might be uncomfortable...if you feel like this is the ideal job for you at this time make the necessary adjusts..if you have to let it go by the way...sometimes another opportunity has a way of opening up when you least expect it
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    I drove 30 miles one way from Phili to Wilmington for one year. The position was what I needed in that it gave me the experience I had to have. I would really consider living out for those nights I need to be working the next morning. The ablitiy to do that would depend on your family situation. Book tapes are great!
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    I work 4 days a week (10 hour days) and I drive 51 miles each way. It is my dream job and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I was also not interested in moving...we love our house and our town.

    A lot depends on the flexibility you have, time of day, etc. For example, I worked at a hospital 25 miles away from me at one time. The traffic was horrible. I'd much rather do my current 102 mile round trip which I do in very light traffic and at the time of my choosing. This is also a job that let me have 4 10 hour days so I am grateful. Every time some one says "why do you drive that far!?!", I say "3 day weekends, 52 a year". Worth it, to me.

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