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Can't stop thinking about my pre-op CABG... Any input would be greatly appreciated! My patient was admitted for recurrent CHF exacerbation, mostly having SOB that would come and go. So she was admitted, had positive cardiac... Read More

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    Pft are not typically ordered for CABG. You did nothing wrong. It is a huge surgery and unfortunatly they don't all go as planned. Some patients everything flea beautifully and they r out of the hospital in like 4-5 days aka "High flyers." Some are high risk and don't recover as nicely. We once had one that stayed with ha from October to January. She was very very high risk. Even to this day she comes back from time to time. Surgery is risky and it can happen to healthy people and unhealthy people.

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    Quote from Esme12
    It is HIPAA not HIPPA. Sorry pet peeve.

    Technically, it can be considered a reason to ask someone why they accessed a patients chart. State surveyors don't really "see" the access records unless there are irregularities noted. Yes the records are routinely checked and computer readouts are given to the individual managers (in my experience) where follow up occurs. Your reason for looking into the record can't be that you were curious about your neighbor.......but checking on a patient the had been in your care during that hospitalization is usually an acceptable reason to access that record.

    However, I have worked at facilities that were......shall we say....zealous about the EMR and would even question me when I accessed a record for another facility ( with the release of records attached) and accessing the record when I assigned beds to appropriate floors......you need judicious about accessing record...a phone call to the unit would probably be a better choice.

    But....MOMRN is right the post is about the outcome of the patient that remains on the vent after a CABG. Lets stick to the topic

    Autocorrect on my iPad. I'm well known for my autocorrect bloopers in text and on facebook.
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    Your patient souds like it could be a twin of my pt. She ended up dying about 1 month after surgery. This was after several intuabtions/extubations, chest tube removals/insertions, making it to the floor then having a rapid response called for respiratory distress...
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    Yea this is a violation to look up patients charts. I would just stop now if I were you. Even if it is out of curiosity. Lets say I look up Joe blow on 3rd floor and my unit is 5th floor. His case looks interesting ....he was diagnosed with encephalitis. Hmmm don't see that often, I'm.just CURIOUS so I'm going to read his chart as a learning opportunity .....HIPPA violation. That is no different than what you are doing. Stop looking at her chart. You have no business being in there, no business asking around. Let it go....not your patient, not your business. Id be VERY upset if I knew a nurse not involved in my care from another unit looked through my charts out of curiosity. Think about how you would feel...
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