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I am finishing two years as an RN and want to hear some good advice from other nurses. I love nursing and I became a nurse to help.Where do I find myself two years down the road? I am frustrated, a little jaded, and disillusioned... Read More

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    Postings like this are exactly why I want to avoid going back into the hospital setting..I realize no place is perfect and there is paperwork or computer work etc. in all areas of nursing but the hospital for me was "nirvana" and in the past 4-5 years has changed so much my idea of "perfect place to work forever" has changed drastically. Non-medical people are being placed in medical decision making capacities, focus seems to be on providing care but dealing with computers charting - which - in my opinion - is not faster and does take you away from the bedside. I recently accepted a position outside of the hospital - it's a M-F position, some traveling but a new area for me in all ways. I am hoping I can find my nitch here...the 12 hr shifts do allow for more time off but for me, the trade off, the stress (and I can handle a LOT of stress!!) isn't worth it in a hospital - at least not now - because if I HAD to remain in the hospital working the floor, I would leave nursing altogether. NOT something I ever thought I would think or say - but like I said, that's changed for me over the past few years. Good luck.

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