Worst orientation luck ever!

  1. So I am week 5 I think of orientation at my new hospital. So far 2 weeks ago I took a fall, twisted an ankle and had to stay home the next day. The very next week I get miserably horribly sick and again out 2 more days. Today is my first day back post illness and take another awful fall since my ankle tendons were still healing. This fall rips tendons and puts me on crutches now for a bit and have to follow up with an ortho doc. Kudos to my poor preceptor because she has been amazingly kind and patient through it all. Here's to hoping my luck starts to improve!
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  3. by   Jenni811
    Yikes. You have a black cloud hanging over you! Hope the sun shines tomorrow for your sake
  4. by   Orange Tree
    Sounds like you should be wearing a helmet. You're dangerous. Maybe your patients should be wearing helmets, too.
  5. by   Vespertinas
    Breathe. it seems like a lot at once right now but imagine 6 months from now: you'll be off orientation focusing on the next important thing and this whole scenario will be behind you and you can laugh at it.
  6. by   nrsang97
    I think you and I are sharing the same black cloud LOL. I fell on Valentine's day chasing my son. He was on the grass. I was on the deck, and missed the end and twised both ankles and fell on my behind. My dad was there and helped me up. I sprained my right ankle an thought I just pulled some muscles or tendons in my left leg. Nope I also broke my left fibula. I am now off work up to 8 weeks and at least I am in a walking boot. I walked on that broken leg for a few days before I knew it was broken.