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    Ortho/ Rehab lots of heavy lifing also heart breaking for patients with pathological fractures.
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    Quote from firstyearstudent
    Heh heh. I've only been a nurse for three years. This is my first and only job and it's pretty good. Just looking for reasons to count my blessings...
    I've only had my current job in a med-surg ICU and it's great. Great management, great co-workers, some great patients. Compared to all the misery I read about on this site, I consider myself very lucky!
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    There are a couple of reasons why I want to get out of bedside nursing, despite having a relatively cushy job (I'm on BMT and our population is mostly independent and our ratio is 1:3).

    I'm in my 40s and already feeling like I might not be able to do this when I'm 60 and there is no way in heck I'm going to be able to retire at that age.

    Salary ceiling.

    Fear of making a stupid mistake and being fired. (Someone on our unit gave a patient the wrong chemo -- terminated!).

    The constantly sacrificing. (Holding my bowels for hours, not getting a break to eat, etc. Why is this considered okay?)

    The lack of respect from administration, other healthcare workers, patients, doctors, the public.

    I have a BA and an ADN and the work required to get a master's degree in nursing just sounds like too much. I'm thinking it would be easier to get a master's degree in public health. Then maybe I could do something like diabetes education.
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    "I really hate to be a party pooper, but can we start off the new year on a positive note. How about "Best Nursing Job You Ever Had?" "
    - Why not start a new thread for this. I believe this one is meant for those of us that want to vent. After all, that is what this site is all about, having discussions, whether they be positive or negative.
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