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Ok, I know the question has been posted over and over. I've not seen any real definitive information. I recently witnessed a doctor who decided to saunter into the hospital to see a patient, and as he walked towards the... Read More

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    i have been a nurse for ten years (as of yesterday in fact!) and i have only run in to two docs that really rubbed me the wrong way.
    i have worked in a few different areas, and i think 2 a-wholes in ten years isnt so bad, considering i run into way more than that just going to the grocery store.

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    I used to love to come back to the nurses station and find several charts thrown all over the place from the visit of a doctor who was sneaking in just before shift change on their way to work. In today's climate, I can imagine a management-type berating the nursing staff for the breach of confidentiality.
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    I give up my chairs for MDs and retrieve charts for them. I do this out of a sign of professional respect for their position, not the individual.

    I also do this for unit managers, NPs, supervisors, social workers, physical therapists etc...

    I do not do not believe being polite and respectful is a sign of subservience.
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    I try to show everyone little kindnesses, aides, docs, everyone. It's not something you can turn on and off like a light switch. I'd rather default to on than off.
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    There are several issues I see with this subject-one it is very hard for nurses to stand up for themselves when their own support system (meaning nursing supervisors, associate directors and DON)does not staunchly advocate for them. My DON, for example, would personally take gasoline and burn the entire hospital down before she stands up to even a 1st year green behind the ears short jacketed resident.

    Then, it is also what the residents witness. If they note that the attendings can disrespect nurses, they may imitate the same behavior, which does not help us.

    So, because there may not be any support, each nurse has resorted to their own tactics, but unfortunately, it is not consistent. I always advocate for myself, but the more timid one may not. Some are very tactful and charming, and know what to say and to whom... Sad, indeed. Nursing is still a subserviant position as far as many physicians believe.
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    The hospital I am at now has some awesome hospitalists. They're professional, thorough, they care about the patient. They're respectful. I go out of my way to make things easier for them. I haven't had too much of a run-in with an unprofessional physician, but when I did I let them know they can go eat dirt. I have no problems with them after that. There's nothing wrong with being respectful. But there is a line between respect and subservience. If subservience works for you, have at it. It doesnt work for me.
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    Zombie thread!
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    I prefer that the OP wanted to update the community!

    OP I'm gald you found your niche!
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    thanks. there's nothing wrong with updating old posts.
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