Will hospitals pay for graduate education?

  1. 0 I was wondering if anyone knew if it's typical for hospitals to pay for graduate education. I have a friend who works at a major hospital in Philadelphia, and she says that if she wants to get her master's at the hospital she currently works at, they'll pay 90% of the cost, and if she wants to go anywhere else, they'll pay 70%. Is this a normal benefit for nurses, or does she work at a hospital with amazing benefits? Thanks so much for any input!
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    The hospital I work at will give any employee $2,000 a year for education, thats it.
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    The hospital I work at doesn't help at all.I don't know of any that do in my area.
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    The hospital I work for will pay 100% of nursing school education (regardless of level) but up to a certain capped amount per year. I think with certain organizations, we just lucked out! Tuition reimbursement certainly is hard to find period, in the current ecomomy.
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    One hospital in my area will pay for 10 credits/quarter if you attend their program. The other will pay 100% of the tuition for a ADN at a local community college and 100% of the tuition for an RN-BSN at a local university. Nothing else is paid for.
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    The hospitals in my county offer tuition reimbursement and pay according to the published tuition charged by University of Texas. That is how I got my BSN and MSN. I do not recall the percentage but it was a lot. I also got scholarships in my MSN program that covered books and other expenses. Any help is appreciated of course.
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    The hospital I worked at as an aide paid $2000 a year towards education of non-contract employees education and $3000 a year towards contract nurses continuing ed.

    You just had get it pre-approved and then give them proof you passed the classes.
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    My hospital will pay for $4000 a year towards education. They do have some pretty good scholarships available too for nurses working towards advanced practice degrees, but I'm not sure how competetive they are.
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    5500 a year, not including their scholarship program which I think is another 5k. That will cover your Master's. Hospitals vary on their coverage. Her's is pretty good.
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    5500 a year, not including their scholarship program which I think is another 5k. That will cover your Master's.
    Can you direct me to the school where I can get a Master's for $10,500? Because mine has a ticket price of $40,000. I know that's high end, but I've never seen anyplace do it for $10,500.
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    My hospital pays for graduate education. However, you have to commit to work for them for 2 years after you graduate.
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    For the people who said their hospital will pay... what state do you work in?
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    $2400/yr undergrad, $3600/yr graduate; they will do complete scholarship with a service contract for positions in need (ARNP). Most facilities I've worked for have had this type of comp package.

    I worked for another facility that did 50% after your 1st 90 days, 75% after 1st year, 100% after 5 years, but I think that's pretty generous.

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