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    Hi Rick!

    My name is Kelly. I'm an RN,BSN. I'm originally from Fairview Pennslyvania(near Erie, PA) and moved to Conneaut Ohio 2 yrs ago when I got married. Conneaut is only 75 miles or so away from Cleveland. I've worked in a nursing home and a med-surg floor. Currently, I work on a medical telemetry floor. I would really love to work on a labor and delivery floor or mother baby unit but since I have no experience in this area, I haven't been able to get any positions on such a unit. My hobbies include sleeping and working. Working isn't exactly a chosen hobby but since I get mandated overtime right and left, I don't have time for much else. I do like to read though. Eventually, I plan on having some kids. I'm 28 years old and am a Leo.
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    Originally posted by kaknurse:
    My hobbies include sleeping and working.
    LMAO!! I totally know where you're coming from!! People at work always harass me about not having kids, and I always tort back, 'well, I can't exactly get pregnant if I NEVER HAVE SEX!!' Life? What life? I use my vacation time to CLEAN MY HOUSE!
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    Kelly and Sherry,

    1st Sherry, yes I know where St. Johns west shore is......been there twice. It seems like a real nice place, never worked ther though.

    2nd Kelly, yes I know where Conneout (spelling) is located. I drive through there quite a few times a year. Also know the Erie area, as my inlaws are from Buffalo.
    I head to Pennsylvania to go fishing, hunting etc. Usually, up around the Tionesta area. I usally turn right on Rte 6 and take that to Meadville, then take 27 through Titusville. I know the whole area well.

    Nice to meet you both....still amazed at the responses after all the bashing I have seen in here the last few weeks.

    Cya4now.... Rick
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    Kday......lmao@your response there about kids! I wish my hobbies were sleeping and working....but i have two kids who run me ragged....lol.

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    This was a great idea! I decided to create a seaparte forum for off topic (non-nursing discussion) discussion at:

    Everyone can use this forum to get to know some of the other BB users out there. This is the spot for off-topic (non-Nursing related) talk. Please keep things pleasant... abusive behavior will not be tolerated!

    I hope everyone likes this idea.

    BTW, here is a little info on me:

    I got my ADN in 1995, at that time, hospitals in Minnesota wouldnt touch new-grads, so I got a job at a nursing home, which I really enjoyed, after about a year, they talked me into being Evening Supervisor at the NH. About six months latter, I got a job CCU at HCMC in Minnesota and worked there for a few years. I loved working CCU, but allnurses.com was growing and demanding more and more time, now, I run allnurses.com full-time Married, with 3 kids


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