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    This was a great idea! I decided to create a seaparte forum for off topic (non-nursing discussion) discussion at:

    Everyone can use this forum to get to know some of the other BB users out there. This is the spot for off-topic (non-Nursing related) talk. Please keep things pleasant... abusive behavior will not be tolerated!

    I hope everyone likes this idea.

    BTW, here is a little info on me:

    I got my ADN in 1995, at that time, hospitals in Minnesota wouldnt touch new-grads, so I got a job at a nursing home, which I really enjoyed, after about a year, they talked me into being Evening Supervisor at the NH. About six months latter, I got a job CCU at HCMC in Minnesota and worked there for a few years. I loved working CCU, but allnurses.com was growing and demanding more and more time, now, I run allnurses.com full-time Married, with 3 kids


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