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Forgive my ignorance, but I've always wondered, why do nurses have to get licensed on a state-by-state basis? Wouldn't it be easier for nurses to change jobs if there was a singular federal license board? How does the actual... Read More

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    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    Even taken at it's broadest meaning, the commerce clause deals with interstate movement of goods or some other tangible asset. Human beings aren't a "good" sold in the United States (well not legally nor since slavery was ended anyway).
    I would agree with you but Congress does not. SCOTUS has already ruled that the Congress must only have a rationale belief that the item in question effects interstate commerce for enacting regulation. Hence the marijuana debate...SCOTUS ruled that the Feds may regulate it since there are questions where the product is grown, sold, and consumed. Funny considering many users grow their own for personal use.

    VERY broad powers IMO. I do not think it is a huge jump to imagine Congress stating that nursing has an impact upon interstate commerce considering the vast majority of our drugs, products, companies, even patients are not from the state which we practice in.

    The Commerce Clause has been successfully used to regulate a whole host of odd issues in the past, I am sure it will be used again in the future...even though I disagree with it.

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    Quote from Jarnaes
    As far as I know, the various nurse practice acts does not have an extreme difference from state to state. And either way, knowing the local NPA is an individual professional responsibility. We all take the same NCLEX and specialty certification exams (CCRN, CEN, CNOR etc, etc).
    Actually they are VERY different. Just compare California to Arizona.

    In California you can only do the tasks for which the BON approves. In Arizona you can do the tasks for which you were trained/educated in, less the BON bans it. Huge legal distinction.

    In addition to the NCLEX some states require a certain amount of clinicals, some do not. I reference the California/Excellsior RN ban.

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