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THere's been several surveys and studies done on professions with the highest divorce rates. Among bartenders, entertainers and telemarketers, the nursing profession was one of them. Why? And... Read More

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    Quote from Skips
    Marry another nurse.
    That's what I did the second time around! GreenTea was spot on for me in my first marriage. My second marriage is pretty darn near perfect, we're very compatible, even though we work in two completely different areas of nursing, we both understand the pressures of our respective jobs.

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    Quote from anotherone
    if social stigma is decreased to non existent and nurses can support themselves and on their own income.
    The crazy schedule could affect some relationships negatively. I dont care if someone misses holidays or birthdays or parties but i know people who get very resentful and upset over this and do mot understand the concept of having to find your own coverage for a weekend off
    Both very keen points.
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    I have to add to the part about doing everything for the husband. You never met a more committed feminist than me, and oddly, although my (second) husband is of an age where you might think he'd be rock-solid traditional kind of old white guy, he is the most feminist man I know, unconsciously, with no apparent effort. He says it's simple, he believes in merit; if he sees a woman who'd do a better job than a man, she got the job (this got him funny looks sometimes when he worked in countries where they didn't see it that way).

    Where am I going with this? Well, I won't bore you with the details, but this lovely man saved my life, and my children's lives, many decades ago. Now we are aging, and he's approaching middle-old age. I would do damn near anything for him, any time. So if you see us, don't think he's browbeaten me or I'm just a subservient nurse wife. It's love.
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    Quote from blackvans1234
    This is my personal philosophy, and maybe some of you will agree. Others may throw tomatoes at me.

    I am a 21 yr old male CNA, I work in a hospital. I am single, no kids, no ex wife, no current wife. No baggage.

    I always ask my patients, "Are you married?", they often say yes, then I ask how long?
    They say, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years! . I usually ask, "What's your secret?", and the advice I get is as different as every patient I ask.

    My personal philosophy as to why divorce rates are so high, is because marriage today is extremely different than It was 30+ years ago.

    I'm sure every nurse reading this has had the male patient that won't do a dang thing for himself, and makes his wife do it. And believe it or not, she does!. This all goes back to the ''marriage today is completely different than 30+ years ago"

    I think that ''back then'', women put up with a lot more s*** from their husbands, because "That's how it was"
    Today, women are much more empowered, and aren't servants to their husbands.

    Especially in this profession, chances are you get home and need a husband to relax you and be there for you after your long day at work. I don't think the other way around would fly, and i'm sure you ladies would agree.
    However looking back, women would almost always be there when hubby got home, had dinner ready, took his coat off and shoes off, and nodded and empathized with his hard day at work.

    Not no 'mo!

    I think that it has to be the right person, right dose, right time, right background and right understanding of your profession..Sorry, still got the five rights stuck in my head!
    Right documentation.
    I think this is pretty insightful. I don't tolerate a quarter of the bs my grandmother did.
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    Now now, let's not turn this into a male bashing thread. Our grandfathers took plenty of BS from our grandmothers too.
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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    Now now, let's not turn this into a male bashing thread. Our grandfathers took plenty of BS from our grandmothers too.
    Referencing gender imbalances past or present isn't male bashing. I love men: love my husband, love my dad, loved my grandfathers. But cmon; second wave feminism didn't just spring up out of nowhere.
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    Quote from xoemmylouox
    I think this is pretty insightful. I don't tolerate a quarter of the bs my grandmother did.
    Oh! My grandmother. Bless her heart. Yes, that puts things in perspective.
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    Men are the only ones that come into the ED with cut off fingers from reaching into the ''jammed'' snowblower...
    Maybe they need all that extra ''help''
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    Actually, for every argument we have, there is a conscious decision: Is this worth throwing our marriage for? 99% of the time the answer will be no. (The 1%, of course, would be violence or infidelity.)

    Married 14 years. Too many shared memories to hold things against him for long.
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    Quote from beeker
    Because we develop a very low tolerance for putting up with crap.
    I agree!

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