When I transfer to CA, should I go as traveler or accept staff position When I transfer to CA, should I go as traveler or accept staff position | allnurses

When I transfer to CA, should I go as traveler or accept staff position

  1. 0 I will be transferring to Fresno, CA this summer. Should I accept a staff position or take a travel assignment? Does anyone have experience at Community Hospital? Are the people there fun to work with? How are the benefits and pay? Thanks for your help!
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    If you are offered a staff position, take it. Jobs are hard to come by in CA. Are you planning to move if you do a traveling job and decide you don't like it?
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    If I were you, I'd accept a staff position. I know that it is hard to get a job in CA nowadays with this economy.
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    My husband is in the Navy...he's already had to transfer to CA. I'll be going this summer once the kids are out of school. I live in Oklahoma but my state of residence is New York since I'm a military spouse and that's my hubby's state of residence. We'll be living near Fresno for the next several years...so if I don't like it I'm stuck.
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    if you get either (staff or travel spot) let us know, things ain't what they use to be.
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    I was a cop in Fresno for three years. People call it the armpit of California, but that could be Bakersfield as well. Long story short: barring the gang members, I actually liked it. The people there were really nice. I would go back if I had to, and not complain.

    Community Hospital (at least the ER) is busy.

    Be sure to see Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Forest, Bass Lake, and Huntington Lake.
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    Have you researched a local agency in that area? Perhaps they have some short term contract work, in which you can try out different hospitals in the area before settling on one permanently.
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    The job market is not that bad in CA. I live in FL and work in CA, flying back and forth for the past 4 years, all staff positions. It is not that there are a shortage of jobs, it is that the managers don't want to hire people that are not from the area. They want people that are going to stay. It is the per diem jobs that are lacking. If you want a staff postion, and you have any experience at all, you will get one.