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  1. Hostile work environment

    "This might be a bit of a hijack and not at all directed at the OP but exactly how do you determine what makes for a hostile environment/lateral violence compared to an employee that isn't fulfilling the expectations? This post probably could have be...
  2. I think you must be leaving out part of this story. How did this person obtain your presonal information? Maybe you said and I missed it.... However, DO NOT MENTION THIS TO YOUR DIRECTOR. IT'S NONE OF HER BUSINESS. I understand that in a chat, w...
  3. Hostile work environment

    I would speak to the clinical director or whoever is truly the manager of the floor. If that doesn't work keep going up the chain of command. What you are experiencing is called lateral violence. You will have to stick up for yourself eventually, ...
  4. My husband is in the Navy...he's already had to transfer to CA. I'll be going this summer once the kids are out of school. I live in Oklahoma but my state of residence is New York since I'm a military spouse and that's my hubby's state of residence...
  5. I will be transferring to Fresno, CA this summer. Should I accept a staff position or take a travel assignment? Does anyone have experience at Community Hospital? Are the people there fun to work with? How are the benefits and pay? Thanks for yo...
  6. Lawyer to Nurse

    I don't think nurses and lawyers are polar opposites. There are good and bad nurses just as there are good and bad of any profession. Lawyers advocate for their clients, as do nurses. I will tell you, it's easy to become disenchanted in nursing an...