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Just out of curiosity, how long did you guys take until you found your specialty? And what was your specialty you chose. I want to be a NP someday and I was thinking about how long I should work as an RN before I began to... Read More

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    Quote from tortor09
    What is progressive care?

    For me I loved working in emergency situations so I probably switch between ER and something else to keep me from burning out.
    Progressive care is basically like an ICU stepdown. Our patients need more monitoring than a med-surg floor but not so critical where they need to be in an ICU. AACN recognizes progressive care on the "less acute" end of the critical care spectrum and of course ICU is on the "more acute" end of that spectrum. We have a variety of patients and can have patients on drips (Amiorodone, Lasix, Integrillin, Octreotide, Dopamine, Dobutamine (usually weaning, though), Cardizem, Nitro, Heparin, etc)...my unit does not take vented patients (just those with CPAP/BiPAP) but some units do take patients on mechanical ventilators. All of our patients have telemetry monitoring. It can be a crazy floor but I love it!
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    I spent the first two years in med-surg and float pool. I thought each floor had interesting aspects but I hated the ratios and poor working environment. I recently left my job and took a new job in the ED; I love it and finally feel that I can put my skills to use and get things done without as many of the hindrances of the floor.
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    Public Health Nursing: I'm more of a systems thinker; I grasp the big picture more easily than the details. Epidemiological investigations bring me joy. I'm also a huge proponent of preventive services. Thus, public health nursing is a natural fit. I was fortunate enough to pick up on this in nursing school. As a side note, I'm not an auditory or kinesthetic learner, so learning in the acute care setting came slowly to me; it made me shy away from it.
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    Quote from KarenfRN
    My specialty is Pediatrics. I knew before I went to nursing school that is where I wanted to be. You could not even pay me enough to work with adults!
    Ha! I say the same about peds. I would give up my license if peds was the only option. That's the great thing about nursing. There is something for everyone
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    Cardiac nursing is my specialty Tele,CVRU and now cardiac rehab . I have done other specialties but have spent the most yrs in cardiac. I absolutely love the heart in a way that comes close to neurosis . Despite learning all the high tech nursing ironically my best skill is with pts dying. I knew that my first week as a nurse but I wanted to explore all of nursing first.

    I have no regrets and am happy to still get to look forward to doing hospice, the field that is deepest to my heart and spirit. So perhaps the order doesn't matter so much after all ? I took the long road and I am grateful for it. Certainly some areas like OR didn't suit my personality but I still feel it was valuable and worthwhile. Rather than field themselves I guess for me it was more about just being with the pt ,growing as a person and continuing to learn.I am so happy that I have had the good fortune to become a nurse.

    And yes, I still have days when I'm leaving the hospital after a bad day thinking " That's it.I have had it .I am definitely going to quit! "

    Have fun exploring! I'm sure glad that I did.
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    I'm working in Geriatrics currently, but I know eventually I want to be in Psych. I LOVE psych!
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    Psych! I did 4 years of M/S, tele, ortho, stuff like that. I travelled for 2 years, and did a little bit of homecare on the side as well. One year ICU, which was more of a progressive care low acuity ICU. My goal was always ER, but after doing ICU and floating to ER as well, I realized my priorities had changed. I'd always had an interest in psych, so decided to give it a shot. I transferred, loved it, and am now getting ready to apply for my Psych NP. I've been in psych 2 years.
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    Found out when I got my first RN job in Step-down/Tele. Turns out I love it, and don't plan on going anywhere for awhile.

    I sometimes think of trying ICU for awhile, but mostly because I think it would make me a sharper step-down nurse...
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    Good Luck with your Psych. NP program! :-)
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    Home Health.....after 10 yrs of med/surg and burnout, I tried it and still love it! Unfortunately, no advancement there. I have my BSN, almost MSN; quit 2 classes before graduating to teach. Decided I'd rather beat my head into the wall than deal with students inflicted with a sense of entitlement. Before I get bashed, I know not all students are like that. But believe me, quite a few were.....
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