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What's your nursing kryptonite?

  1. 1 It goes without saying that to be a nurse, you need to have (or quickly develop) a strong stomach. But even with a stomach of steel, nursing kryptonite can leave you nauseated and gagging, even if only on the inside.

    I'm only starting clinicals next semester, so granted, I still have much to see... but thus far in my life, the thing that disgusts me the most is, oddly enough, tonsil stones! How can something so small be so repulsive?

    What's your nursing kryptonite?
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    Anything that comes OUT of the mouth! That's just not natural!
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    Those long honking loogies that take as long to cough up as a cat with a fur ball, I'm sure I turn green and then they want you to look at it...........ugh
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    POO!!! I can handle ANYTHING else but poo turns me into a gagging mess.
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    My kryptonite? Writing people up. Last Night was my first write up as a nurse and it so happened to be that person's last, it was hard for me because i want everyone to like me and im a caring person but when it comes to these residents i want the best care for them
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    Ear Wax (Not Mine of Course) Watching a patient clean his/or her ears, literally gags me! VERY STRANGE!!! I can handle pretty much anything else that comes my way!
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    open fractures.
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    stringy sticky trach secrections... blech!
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    phlegm ewwwww
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    got to go with stool-especially if there is a GI bleed. Try very hard not to let it show!
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    Quote from WestonRN
    open fractures.
    Ooh, open fractures... that's a good one. Are you an ED nurse?

    Also, jaw injuries/surgery really get to me. It doesn't help that I have a screwy TMJ and am terrified of needing surgery one day.

    I've heard so much about the yuck factor of GI bleeds, too... at least I will be prepared when I encounter one for the first time!
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    Looooooose runny (the kind that goes up your back) tube feed or c-diff stools
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    Really wet wound vacs.

    I changed one tonight, and if you touched him, this mans sacrum would have purulent drainage leak out the wazoo... was sitting trying to fish out saturated packing about 4-5 cm into this dude's sacrum, and that smell is just.. AWESOME..