What are your tricks for leaving work at work? - page 4

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The title says it all :) How do you keep your mind clocked out when you've left the building?... Read More

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    Quote from ixchel
    OMG that is hilarious! Love it!!!!
    It's amazingly therapeutic!

    Annoying family member? POOP ALL OVER HIM.
    Resident who's not returning your pages? POOP ALL OVER HER.
    Co-workers who'd rather stand around gossiping than answer call lights? POOP ALL OVER THEM.
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    As a new nurse I wrote when I came home. Then an old nurse told me to put everything in my cap when I took it off. Some days my cap had my cheat sheets in it. Other times just a name. I would throw them out the next time I worked. I did that for years then stopped wearing a cap. From then on it was loud music. Pink Floyd doing "Comfortably Numb" seemed to hit the radio often when I needed it. Somedays there was no relief except ice cream.

    Choose wisely. All can be addictive.