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We have a patient in a long term setting. The patient is very clean, edges on neuotic he is so clean and everything has it's proper place,and the labels are turned just so. No Mess, not fility. Yet he smells really weird. We... Read More

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    Sorry it took so long to get back, The smell is sweet, yet kind of metallic, and very powerful. It isn't body odor. I will have to go look at his meds and see if there is anything you all have mentioned. I learned a lot from your posts. I will get back to you all later. Thanks again for all the info. He dosen't have any plants in his room. He isn't able to get up and stack anything anywhere as he refuses to get out of bed. We had him in the hospital once, and cleaned out the room really well, but as soon as he came back, the smell came too. I would really like to help. I know people are put off by the smell, and that doesn't really help him socially.
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