What my DON said about getting rid of LPN's

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    She said, in 1985 she started as an LPN, and when she was in school, they were told they would Graduate without a job! That was 1985, she is now an RN.
    She said "LPN's are licensed by the state!! Who's going to get rid of them?? If the state doesn't do it, the hospitals can't. She said there is "talk" of grandfathering LPN's to RN's.... She said she LOVES LPN's she was one, and has LPN's in management. She added there will ALWAYS be work for LPN's.

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    Not to stir things up here - but how exactly can you "grandfather" an LPN to an RN?

    If you mean being considered "technical nurses" that is one thing - but I would hope and pray that no one can be an RN without taking the RN boards.
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    If you mean being considered "technical nurses" that is one thing - but I would hope and pray that no one can be an RN without taking the RN boards.

    I would imagine you would have to take the boards, but the way it is now an LPN doesn't get credit for what she/he already knows if they choose to take an RN course. It's still a 2 year program. So for an LPN to be an RN she goes to school for 3 years. I think (not sure) that they would change it to include the 1 year you already went.

    Anything is possible, when my mother became an RN it was a 4 year FULL TIME program, and it was cut down to 2 years Full Time. So who knows what the future holds.
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    I have no idea where you got this information about grandfathering in LVNs as RNs. This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time!
    However, I would like to inform you that there are many RN programs that allow LVNs to test out of certain required classes. Most LVNs that I know have fast tracked through the ADN RN programs this way.
    I would also like to mention that ADN nursing programs do usually take only two years to complete, but these years are intense. In addition, many times the ADN nurses have spent two years attending classes, trying to meet all the prerequisites to get into the nursing program. Therefore, it really has taken them four years to become an RN. Many ADN nurses have told me they should have just gone into a BSN program, it would have taken them just as long and atleast they would have gotten credit for all that education.
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    fiestynurse, I got this info from my DON at the Nursing Home where I work.

    Why does it seem impossible? Let's say an LPN who has been one for many years, has the same knowledge as an RN except for the few things LPN's can't do that an RN can. Why can't the LPN just take the courses that she/he needs to know to be an RN?

    I don't know about where you are, but in Ma from what I've been told, there are no credits for the knowledge an LPN has, you have to start from scratch and do the 2 year program.

    I want everyone to know that I'm not trying to start a fight, I'm just wondering why? I think anything is possible, laws change all the time.
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    Maybe, I can grandfather in as an MD. After all, I have been a nurse for over 20 years, I know more than most new doctors coming onto my unit. This is how ridiculous your statement is!!!
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    I wonder where the DON got her info...to say that an LPN can grandfather into an RN role is like saying that a NP can grandfather into a doctor role (and we know that most NPs are better than doctors!). They had been saying the grandfather thing about diploma nurses being grandfathered in and treated like BSN nurses for YEARS and I have yet to see that. Take alot of these things with a grain of salt and when you see it, believe it!
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    This was the scope on the Grandfathering thing.(graduated in 1984). In nursing school we were told that if the ANA were able to eradicate the LPNS they would be able to be grandfathered into an ADN by taking a few additional classes. The RNS were suppose to be broke down into LPN's who were grandfathered and ADN's to become Tech Nurses, the BSN was to be known as the Professional Nurse. The grandfathering would be based on job experience and schooling for the LPN's and we would have to take some type of testing.This was at a time when all the hosptial's were going to all RN staffing and the LPN's were either told to get their RN's or basically find another job-Nursing home, Doctor's office ect.This was a concept that the ANA had been kicking around and many people thought it was going to happen . well 16 years later we are still in healthcare with many options. This poster's D.O.N. was in school when this was being said, talked about openly and it was of possibly things to come if they could eradicate the LPN's. This was only going to be offered to Liscensed nurses, not students. i do remember this because i thought i had wasted my time going threw lpn school when they were going to gradfathering me to another position after i met the requirements of that. But once again it was a Concept to help with the nursing shortage that was present then as is now.
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    Originally posted by fiestynurse:
    <STRONG>Maybe, I can grandfather in as an MD. After all, I have been a nurse for over 20 years, I know more than most new doctors coming onto my unit. This is how ridiculous your statement is!!!</STRONG>
    Well, that is a rude reply. I am only stating what I heard, I didn't say it was true. Does it make you feel better to call me "ridiculous"? Lets just say they were getting rid of MD's (which I know they won't so don't slam me) if you could learn what an MD knows then maybe they would graduate you.

    I for one hope they DO make it easier to go from LPN to RN
    **notice the word easier** ( I don't mean "handed to me"). Many LPN's are just as good as RN's, the title behind your name doesn't make anyone a better caregiver, and saying that I realize that RN's have more training, but what about "On the job training?" That should count for something. Their are bad LPN's, RN's and Drs.I think the way you learn something is to do it!!!
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    I did't say YOU were ridiculous, I said your statement was riduculous!! I say it like it is and make no apologies for that. I certainly don't want to get into an
    LVN vs.RN discussion.

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