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I've recently gotten into packing my lunch at work (I'm a nurse tech, but I think this is applicable across the board) and have been just sticking everything in a plastic bag and hoping it's ok in... Read More

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    Quote from lucky1RN
    This is what I use and I love it. But it was a gift and $50 is kinda steep for a lunch box.
    Wow...that is seriously cool. Now, what do you have for lunch that fits in that?
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    I use plastic grocery bags. I have seen some gross science lab type stuff in the fridge at work that I don't want to take home with a resusable lunch box.
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    The big almost-a-cooler bag from walmart works for me; it holds enough drinks, water bottle, lunch, snacks, condiments, silverware, etc. for a shift.
    I work with someone who bought a diaper bag and uses that. It's a giant, insulated bag with pockets and you wouldn't know it's a diaper bag unless she told you. The more stuff I take to work with me, the less I go put money in the snack machine.
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    Quote from dolcebellaluna
    Wow...that is seriously cool. Now, what do you have for lunch that fits in that?
    It depends. I usually use 1 container for salad, 1 for cut up fruit, 1 for veggies, and 1 for rice/beans/whatever protein product I'm having that day (I don't eat animal products). I like it because it fits perfect portion sizes for me. And well, I'm a little crazy but I love how every thing ends up so neat and tidy and stacked together.
    On the days I don't pack it, like most others, I just throw a frozen meal and some snacks in a plastic bag.
    Luckily I work in a small 15 bed unit and we don't steal from each other.
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    I purchased a lunch box from Target that was around 8 bucks. Its pretty durable and has antimicrobial lining, the only problem is it is so small ugh. Im thinking once I start Nursing school I will invest in a lunch pal that has those properties and roomy, although truthfully if someone steals my lunch, I become quite an ass when I dont have any food in my stomach!

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