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So I have come across this a few times. I am holding a straw to a persons lips and they drink and drink and drink and pretty soon they are waving their hands for me to stop. Stop what?! You don't... Read More

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    Oh my! I really thought I was the only person that this happens to. My patients are usually unable to get the cup/straw to their mouth and I don't mind helping. BUT, when they are rude and start waving their hands and arms frantically as if I were trying to force them to drink or even better yet make them aspirate, it really annoys me!

    Another pet peeve of mine is when a patient asks for the bedpan or bedside commode, you put them on, give them privacy (if orientation allows) and when you return they give you a death look as if you're supposed to know when they're done without them pressing the call light.