What are the Chances of Getting Hired at the VA

  1. 0 I am a LPN , a recent grad, and would like to know if I would stand a good chance
    at getting hired at a VA center.
    What are the chances these days for LPN's ?
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    I know a new LVN grad that works at the san francisco VA at the psych unit. It might have helped that both her mom and mother in law - both RNs worked at the VA also. She has coworkers that are also LVNs but they have years of experience under their belts. But this is also california where it's difficult for new LVNs to find jobs in the hospital. Where are you located? I would say definitely give it a try..you never know unless you do! Good luck!
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    I have been applying as RN at the VA since I passed the NCLEX in June! So far no luck. I am also in california.
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    Wow! I know that they VA in colorado takes forever to hear back from them, around 2-4 months. I don't understand why they are so slow. I wouldn't give up on your dream of working at the VA. I would just call the recruiter and ask them what positions they have open. Also ask them what you can do to stand out! Good luck!
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    I work at the VA and can vouch for the previous poster who said it takes a long time to hear from HR. Back in the day, when hospitals were fighting over new grads, we used to get ticked off because potential candidates would get hired by other hospitals before our HR department ever got back to them. Like the previous poster said, 2-4 months to hear anything is not unusual.

    However, if you really want to get hired, it's much better to come in to the hospital in person, hand deliver a resume to the nursing manager of the unit you're interested in. As you know, HR sees hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes and app's and you could easily be lost in the shuffle. Or better still, if know someone who works in the hospital, if that person will do the intro for you and recommend you to the hiring manager, your chances are better still.

    Right now, VA is still hiring but at a slow pace. As far as LVN hiring, I don't know.
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