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    I'm still in Nursing school, but I am very interested in the Weekend Incentive Program when I start applying for a job. I've heard that the RN basically gets paid a full salary/benefits to work the undesirable weekend shift. I'm not sure if anyone can answer this, but my question is could one get paid extra (the night shift differential) as well if they opted to work nights on the weekends? My boyfriend said that night/weekend nurses get paid more.

    By the way, I know I'm probably coming across as a money monger, but I assure you I am just a young kid trying to get on her feet and I would like to continue my education while working!

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    Weekend incentive contracts are creatures that only come out in a severe nursing shortage. The downside was that you were locked into working every weekend with maybe 2 weekends off a year. For a young person, this would mean giving up a lot of weddings, reunions and other social events. My hospital and many others in my area used to offer this, and weekend nights were paid more. They all have disappeared sadly.
    However, the hospital I work for does offer night and weekend differentials with weekend nights paying the most. If you work at a place like this where there is some self scheduling, adding in a generous number of weekend nights will boost your pay.
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    Thank you for all of your helpful information.
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    Well you wouldn't necessarily have to give up somethings because you work at night. I mean most wedding and reunions are during the day.. unfortunately you probably won't be able to attend everything. . I mean you have to sleep sometime.
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    I thought those 'compressed weekend' schedules had pretty much disappeared. What part of the country are you in snapjacks?
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    I work what we call "weekend option" at my hospital. It's a contract that adds an additional hourly differential. It's still 3 12-hour shifts a week, either F, S, S or S, S, M. They have to be consecutive - Friday, Sunday, Monday wouldn't qualify. But I end up getting my nights diff, my weekend diff, AND my weekend option diff. It's a nice extra chunk of cash. My husband and I are both in our 20s and have a 6-month old baby, and I don't feel like our lives are any more restricted by my work than before I went to weekend option. There are some stipulations about time off and whatnot in the contract, but I don't feel like it's very limiting at all. I am very happy working weekend nights.
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    I worked this option years ago to finish another degree program. I got paid extra for nights. HOWEVER, if I was called off one of those w/end nights then I did not qualify for the "36 hr" pay and got only 12 hours for the one night I did work, which meant I had to scramble the next week to pick up two extra shifts. So as soon as I could, I quit the w/end thingy
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    Thanks for your input! I really feel like it's something that could work for me as well.
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    Wow, that's a lot of pay. I'm sure it was worth your degree even if it wasn't your thing!
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    I live in New Orleans.

    Also sorry if I'm not using this site properly, I'm new. I don't know if I have to tag people for them to see my comment like with Facebook. I've just been replying to each individual comment.

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