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i know a lot of health care employees are worried or concerned they may be on the ladder from verbal warning to written warnings and then fired. for many this is not an unrealistic fear it is something which is affecting their... Read More

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    wow ed med if I could give you a gross of KUDO's I would hell ya what you said is all true
    and I was a nursing supervisor I worked a unit, supervised nurses and cnas
    no one hated me but the 7-3 unit manager why? because I had treated my staff like I was brought up to treat people with RESPECT what they didn't know I taught them
    I had rn's with bsn's who couldn't do a simple picc dressing I taught them so they could teach someone else and all the while behind my back was the unit manager running to the don making negative comments about me to the point of dirty looks from the don when I came to work, I had no idea how paranoid the UM was I had fun we worked hard we got back stabbed I said see ya have a nice day you paraniod mouse and moved on and I am so happy I did
    thank you for a great post!!!!!
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    I don't think it is a matter of "too many letters after their names" or conversely not enough education to make them into professional managers. I think it is that many managers have learned to kiss-up and have risen into management only to wield power over others. They enjoy power rather than leadership which is a totally different thing. The Peter Principal by Laurence Peter says that "people will rise to the level of their incompetence". Perhaps that is why there are so many in power that should not be there.

    I have not worked under or with men enough to judge whether it is related to maleness or femaleness, but women learned to be rutheless in business from men. Men historically ran businesses and in order for women to break through the glass ceiling they had to become like men, which includes suppressing nurturing instincts. My husband who works in a plant full of men tells me all sorts of backbiting and nonsense that goes on, no different from the hospital.

    No, I am sorry to say that I don't buy the females are to blame thing. Nor do I buy that it is over or under-education. I think it is just mean people who make up a lot of the population. 20% of the people cause 80% of the problems. We know who they are in our workplaces, and they are everywhere.
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    I live in Washington and I moved here from the Midwest and quite honestly I have never worked with such unprofessional nurses in my life as out here. People here in general are blunt and unfriendly and pay lip service to politicial correctness and as you experienced, racial attitudes are everywhere but good to know I am not only one that has had trouble "fitting in" some places highjack you from day one like my last job. Thanks for posting...

    Quote from mendoza70
    I took a job at St Joseph's In Bellingham WAshington on MCU under *****..
    I and been away from the bedside for three years and had been working in the clinic setting . I have been a nurse since 1976 and know alot.

    I was two weeks into my orinetation when I was told I was"not a good fit"

    In my time there I was approached by one nurse who told me to "watch out" Another nurse told me that the President was a terrorist and made racial statements. The person I was orienting under was a good technician but not a good nurse. She was dictatorial and task orientented.
    SO I say to you if You want to take a job on MCU in Bellingham WAashington, "watch out"
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    I couldn't agree with you more! I'm from the Midwest, too and have exactly the same observations. I truly believe this has been a major factor in my relationships at work. I'm almost ready to grab Todo and move back to Kansas. Tornados and all are still better than the attitude & behaviors tolerated in my part of the west coast. My straw hat is off to you and thanks for validating the weird factor.
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    I have been in ur shoes and til this day i refuse to repeat what i hear it is amazing how the tongue can be a leathal weapon
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    Hello it has been a long time since i have been on this site but i was shocked to read ur blog. I recently finished school for LPN and switched position at what was my current job. Well while i was on shift one of the resident had a black eye the following morning. When I made my rounds throughout the night there was nothing out of the ordinary. I was placed on suspension through a hand written letter left for me at the time clock. After about 2.5 weeks the cna confessed to her wrong doing was arrested and is awaiting trial. Now i was called in 2 weeks after that to here "I'm sorry but we have came to the conclusion that there is no way you did not see a bruise on her face at 5am" my mouth fell open at this time i am thinking to myself how they will tell me what i saw. This aide completed her last round between 4 and 5 because she clocks out by 5. From what i learned in school all bruises do not show up right away. I am not blind and trust the information i was taught. Now a new job is telling me I can't get put on the schedule (after speaking to this other nursing home) until all of this clears up. My spirits were crushed, Is this what we go through all these long months of school, studying, headaches, and strains on my home life. Don't understand how people can be so evil. Really don't know what i could do about this. As of August 27, 2010 i have been at home without income.
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    I am so sorry. I know its like sometimes you are just set up and thats right I bruise like a grape and it still takes a day or two for a bruise to show. Geriatric age patients bruise easier but it does take some time before the bruise shows. I have had patients have a fall and their skin looks uninjured and then the next night they are showing a bruise. I always document that no apparent bruising is noted at this time right after a fall to protect myself.
    If you were fired you can probably get unemployment I know in my state you could unless you are fired for gross misconduct and the employer must prove it. I wish you the best of luck. I know it shakes your whole foundation and I hope things get better soon.
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    Psychtrich 39,

    Thx for the kind words it really means alot right now. It just hurt my heart to know that no one stood up for me. As an employer I would want to take my employees words for face value until proven otherwise. All I can do now is let the LORD handle it on my end and pray for the family, resident, and the aide. I have been an aide since '99 and never had a complaint about not reporting or charting what i saw. I made this statement before leaving "Common sense would have told you had I saw these bruises I would have filled out an incident report, assessed, documented, collected a statement from all parties involved, notified the family, and pass report on to the next nurse with my paper work for the DON" all i got was looks with no words. I may be a new nurse to the cart but i have been around this for along time to know right from wrong
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    It's all so depressing to hear of this. What has happened to our profession. I do want to add that the more one achieves in the nursing profession, the greater the liability.
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    Nothing has happened to our profession that is new. This stink has been going on since the begining of time, it is just now that we have a forum to discuss the stink in. There is no other way of finding out. This forum is great and wonderfull for informing others of the preditorial behavior nurses exhibit. The public has no clue what we suffer. My only problem or my biggest problem is that the boards of nurses act as though they have no clue this stink happens. What the heck.
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